What are the differences between Coldfusion 9 and Coldfusion 11

I have just recently upgraded my site from Coldfusion 9 to Coldfusion 11.  I am noticing a lot of differences in the way my site looks and behaves.

For example:


I can't see to get cellspacing in tables to work like if did. It seems to ignore the spacing


In CF9 it seems that the default style for lists was bullets. Not it seems that the default is none (no bullets).
Where can I find out what all of the differences are?

Thank you for any help that you can provide.
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See detailed ColdFusion 9 10 11 comparison (PDF)

For convenience it is attached.
WestCoast_BCAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that doesn't show which default styles have changed (unless I missed something)
WestCoast_BCAuthor Commented:
I have also just noticed that my call to FileExists is no longer working. In CF9 it returned that a file existed but using the same code and data in CF11 it reports that the same file does not exist
I don't have an answer, as I'm not running CF11. But it would help to see some code.

> call to FileExists is no longer working

What are the actual paths involved? ie

<!--- hard code file path here --->
<cfset hardCodedPath = "c:\path\to\someFile.pdf">
<br>hardCodedPath  = #hardCodedPath#
<br>ExpandPath: #expandPath(".")#
<br>Current page:    #GetCurrentTemplatePath()#
<hr> FileExists(#hardCodedPath#):
<cfif FileExists(hardCodedPath)>
        yes, file exists
        no, file not found
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