Essentials 2012R2 and Office 365: how do we change the administrator login for for a company?

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We were setting up a church for office 365.  We used the treasurer's email address as the admin / point of contact for verifying they were eligible for non-profit o365.

as we are starting to roll this out, we are going to and logging in with treasurer's email address and password.

I realized this won't really work well - we would need to know his password whenever he changes it.

How do we change the email address as the admin for a company for o365 web page?
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You can just create another administrator account that doesn't have a mailbox purely for administration purposes.

If you login to then go to Users -> Active Users. Press the + sign and create a new user account. Where it has the licenses at the bottom you can just not select a license. This will let you use the account as normal but the account won't have access to a mailbox or any features.

Once the account has been created you can find the account under Active Users -> Click Edit User Roles -> Set the permissions you require (Probably Global Admin).

Then you can test login to this account and ensure you have the access you require, then if you would like to remove the admin access from the treasurers account just to go Users -> Active Users -> Edit Roles and remove the Global Administrator role from their account.

That should be enough to get what you require done.

Here is a link which also explains how to do it and what each of the roles gives each user:

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