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Backup imaging software for XP Pro

Hey EE'ers,

One of my clients has an old XP machine on their network which is quite important for their apps. I am wanting to create a system restore image to say a USB drive for archiving purposes before I upgrade them. Can anyone suggest good imaging software like ShadowProtect that is free and easy to recover. Ideally, I would love to be able to spin this up as a VM if required but I don't want to push it! :)

Cheers in advance.
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I've always used Symantec System Recovery, might be a little overkill thou, tend to use it on Servers with the ability of bare-metal restore etc.
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Cheers for the quick answers all!

Dave, what is free version of XXClone like to restore?
Free and reliable Backup & Recovery 14:
Will let you do backup to USB and create a bootable CD or USB Stick to recover from this image.
I haven't used it to 'restore' as such.  I clone the system to a second identical drive and use it if the first one fails.
The free tool from paragon can only be used in a non business environment. To me it looks like this is a business.

If it has to be free, and if it is to be used in a business, then CloneZilla is the best. It is included with PCRepix:

You just boot from the LiveDVD (you can also create a LiveUSB stick), then on the desktop there is a link to instructions on how to use CloneZilla, and CloneZilla itself is also a desktop icon you can start. You can use it to back up to USB disks, LAN's etc. If CloneZilla doesn't work, there is also "Partimage" inlcuded on the DVD which can also be used to Image partitions.

There are 2 versions of PCRepix, a 32 bit and a 64 bit version. I suggest you get the 32 bit version as it works on more hardware and therefore is more universal.