Changing and Deleting "Links" in an Excel Spreadsheet

Greetings EE Pros,

I have a  WB that I have built on top of other WBs I have done.  I do not have a need for any "Link Updates" to occur when I import a WS.  How do I disable WS/WB Link Updates in my primary WB?  I am running Excel 2010.

Much thanks,

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[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
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If the worksheet being "exported" (saved within an external workbook) refers to a cell, a range of cells, a worksheet, or a named range within the original workbook, then there will be a link back to the original workbook.

In order to resolve this, the "exported" worksheet will need to replace any in-cell formulae with the explicit values (i.e. the result of any formulae calculations) during the "export" process, by selecting the entire contents of the worksheet (or just the cells that contain formulae), copying to the clipboard, then pasting "as values" back over the same cells.
Bright01Author Commented:

Understand....and still troubleshooting this Import/Export WS.  I have removed all of the formulas that are associated with the WS and it Exports fine.  When it imports, it is looking to Update Links.  When I choose "Update" it takes me into an Edit mode on the 4 links..... none of which are still valid links (links to very old WBs).  What I'm trying to do is to get rid of the links in the main WB before exporting.

Make sense?

[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Just to clarify if you did understand what I meant...

The links that are trying to be qualified when the worksheet is exported, then imported, exist within the worksheet being exported; not other worksheets linking to the worksheet being exported.

Check the contents of the worksheet being exported for any formulae that refers to worksheets that are retained within the original workbook (i.e. not exported).

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Bright01Author Commented:
Is there a way to find the links, within the WS without having to go cell to cell?  Could old Range Names be part of the links it's trying to re-establish?  I've removed all of the formulas.

Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
I recall an Add In for earlier versions called DELLINKS.XLA

If you do a search for that it might help.

Rob H
Bright01Author Commented:
Rob and Fanpages,

Thanks!!!  I've downloaded the add in and will attempt now to check it out.

Appreciate the direction.

[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
You're welcome.

Good luck.
Bright01Author Commented:
Fanpages,  can you take a look at my open question that we have been working with Ryan on?  I'm still having trouble with the import.

1.) It continues to drop the ActiveX control

and more disturbing,

2.) When I import it, it changes the Sheet number so other Macros are thrown off.  I need the macro to simply replace the existing sheet with the one saved.


[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Ryan has already replied, but I have just responded to your point 2):

[ ]
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Hi again,

Further to Rob H's response above, saurabh726 has just posted an alternate suggestion (within another thread) to locate "links" in workbooks:

[ ]
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