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Move e-mail from inbox to public folders


Exchange 2007
Outlook 2013

Problem to move e-mail from inbox to public folder.

Error: Can't move the items. The item could not be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied.

The e-mail is about 17Mb.
No problem to move other e-mails from same inbox to public folders!!

Any suggestion?

Best regards
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Ed Dredd
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too little info from your question. Which user are you? an end user for outlook 2013 or an admin for exchange 2007... eloborate more so that our friends will help you.
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I am IT-consultant and one of my customer have the problem.
the question is.. which part of problem is actually you faced. On exchange server or Outlook 2013.  The problem in outlook or problem with exchange.

As a user or as an admin? as admin you can move an email from user.. and also as the dedicated user you can move your email. :)
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Problem is from Outlook (user).

The mailbox is shared and none of the users can move this e-mail. They can move others e-mail.
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Systech Admin
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if the problem with outlook then you can try to use an outlook scantools for errors.  microsoft fix it already have it.  most of pst or ost file problem will solve.

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The limit was 10240Kb.

Your right, Gaurav, thanks!
glad to hear that too