ASA static route


I have a cisco asa. The ASA( is plugged into a switch and off that switch is another router( This router is handling vpn to another site(

I need to tell the ASA to send all traffic for subnet in other site to this router.
This is what I have added with no joy. Am I missing something?
route inside

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lacayoaTeam Leader Systems EngineerCommented:
Hi, you also need to specify the interface of you ASA device:

route if_name dest_ip mask gateway_ip
 hostname(config)# route outside [1]
blehhhhAuthor Commented:
I have named the interface, its inside?

I think the problem might be I am getting traffic in to the inside interface and sending it back out the same interface.
blehhhhAuthor Commented:
Anyone have a solution for the latest firmware on ASAs.

I tried to work through the below, but all the command don't work.

E.g nat (inside) 0 access-list NONAT .. no longer works in latest firmware
this is because syntax has changed ...
I wrote an article on this subject you may want to read: in particular the "Nat Exempt" paragraph:

hope this helps

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Benjamin Van DitmarsSr Network EngineerCommented:
You also need to add the route in the second gateway to find the way back.

youre route in the asa is correct. if it's posible create a mirror port on youre switch and look with a packet analyser to see whap happends
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