Domain Controller has an IP conflict

I was uninstalling symantec endpoint this morning to replace it with kaspersky. Logging in after reboot I see an IP conflict message. I checked the DHCP leases and I don't see this IP in use anywhere. Our DHCP runs on Windows 2008 R2 and this domain controller is Win08 R2. Any ideas?
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Trent SmithCommented:
Sounds like you have a static address.  You can download Advanced IP Scanner to see if the address is truly being used.  It might also give you an idea of what is using it.

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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
I can't tell if you're suggesting your DC has a NIC that's DHCP, or if your DC's IP address isn't reserved in DHCP, but if either of those is true you have other issues.

That said, is it possible the DC is multi-homed (has more than one NIC) and has been configured with the same IP address on both NICs?
stlhostAuthor Commented:
I should of said the NIC has a static IP address, sorry about that. It only has one nic.  There are no reservations. I will scan the network and see if anything comes up with that IP
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DeepinInfrastructure Engineer Commented:
I would check the DHCP scope as well, if your using the full range x.x.x.1 - x.x.x.254 narrow your DHCP scope eg x.x.x.10 - x.x.x.254 exclude your servers as you have already assigned a static IP or Exclude your servers within DHCP
stlhostAuthor Commented:
The range isn't to large, rest are excluded just not the domain controllers IP when it should be.
stlhostAuthor Commented:
Believe it or not this worked. I turned off that DC for a little bit and started to ping it and it came up as Texas Instruments. Turns out our DVR system grabbed that IP
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
always always assign a reservation for static ip's
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