How can I remote into a PC without locking up its screen?

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We have a Win7 Pro computer on our domain network, to which a large 55" TV in the reception area is attached. We are running a PowerPoint file on this PC so that the TV is displaying the content of the file. It is for marketing our company.

We are looking for a remote access solution so that we can remote into this PC, modify the PowerPoint file as needed, launch the file and the updated content will show up on the TV. Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) is not an appropriate solution in this case, because it will lock up the TV screen if we remote into the PC.

Any recommendations?

Many thanks!

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I haven't used it in a while, but Ultra VNC will let you do that -

There's also commercial stuff like Dameware that works well, too.
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I use Remote Utilities to access my Signage Media computer inn the lobby.
Info on Signage media if interested:
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The usual way to manage such a display is by providing a batch file which starts the presentation or whatever. Change that well known batch file to start a different file, and reboot the device. Both can be done remotely without having access to the screen or session.

Otherwise, VNC is suited well, if needing a free solution for occasional access.
DameWare is great if you need access to many devices (license policy is by admin, not by target device).
TeamViewer and similar apps use a Web server, and are thought for access from anywhere outside the company, so do not fit that well.
RDP will work
You will just need to execute this command to release the screen
C:\Windows\System32\tscon.exe RDP-Tcp#0 /dest:console
It must be done from a local admin

Try it with a computer in your office
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Teamviewer is very good, which was already mentioned. Or you could also use the Windows built-in Remote assistance. But this is a bit awkward to use, as you first need the remote PC to send you an invitation which you would then need to accept to be able to connect.
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Thank you all for the great info!

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