- Our school has (3) Novel Netware 6.5 sp8 servers.
- HS master is a physical machine running Timesync pointed to
- HS slave is a VM using xntpd that is NOT synchronizing with our HS master
- GS slave is a VM using xntpd that is properly synchronizing with our HS master

Need help please.
Lance McGrewRETIREDAsked:
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For starters, What is
I cannot ping or
Lance McGrewRETIREDAuthor Commented:
Do a google search for "" and you will see
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Are your servers in the same or different networks? Can you elaborate on what HS and GS means? Have you enabled "configured sources" and entered the correct ip addresses of your master server? Why are you using xntpd (and what is it) and not plain old Netware timesync?
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My point was, if you cannot ping it, Or I cannot then I would not think it was giving time to you Timesync server correctly.
Lance McGrewRETIREDAuthor Commented:
pjam:  The server configured as the master is maintaining accurate time. has been working very well.  They probably have ping disabled however traceroute yields:
Lance McGrewRETIREDAuthor Commented:
deroode:   HS is High School and GS is Grade School

The physical Master server at High School is on 10.0.101x

One secondary server at High School is virtualized on same 10.0.101.x subnet

One secondary server at Grade School also virtualized on subnet 10.1.101.x

The Smoothwall UTM has a bridge zone configured to allow traffic flow between subnets for these.
Ironically the secondary server on 10.1.101.x is the one in sync with master 10.0.101.x

We inherited this configuration from a previous director of IT and do not know the reason why both virtualized secondary servers are using the xntpd.nlm rather than timesync.

We have confusing entries in the NTP.CONF files on the secondaries.   At this point maybe a moot point and we just need to change secondary configurations to the timesync method?
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
I have no experience with xntpd.nlm on Netware, i presume you have seen the xntpd "Cool Solution" on;

the way i see it:
Make sure all servers use either XNTPD or Timesync; loading both nlm's will produce errors.

Make sure your master server points to a server (preferably a DNS name, not an IP address, DNS uses round robin to select an available ntp server)

Make sure your slave servers point to your master server

Can you post your ntp.conf files?

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Lance McGrewRETIREDAuthor Commented:
deroode:   That link you provided might just be the answer to clarify details we are naive about.  
I am offsite at the moment but will post the ntp.conf files later this morning.

Feels like we are now on the right track.  Thank you.
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