Exchange re-add ?


I have a Two member DAG I dismantled.
I now need to restart the second 2010 exchange in the 2008 R2 Domain, at 2003 domain func level.
I need to restart the vm, get the second exchange on line, transfer some mailboxes from the original(production) exchange.
make sure email continues to flow with that split of mailboxes between the two.  
Note, original production exchange has all mailbox roles CAS, HUB, Mailbox.
THIS IS not for a DAG re-setup.

Then when this is working again under for all mailboxes for the the 'accept mail from domains' that already existed want to do the following.

1. Setup the second re-added exchange 2010 to accept mail from new company domain name(external domain that exist).
2. then terminate vpn connectivity at two sites no longer owned.
3. then I will be stuck cleaning up my existing AD metadata, while they(new owners with their staff of 100 in IT) do whatever works for them. this works for them pre and post- how nice.

Is this doable, should be, and provide any steps on how to get the second exchange re-added with the above expectations, without messing up existing mail flow in the single domain.

Thank you.
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
If your Exchange is failed you have to recover the failed exchange server using /m:Recover switch
dee30Author Commented:
The one/first response I was excited to read obviously reflects a 'expert' that did not read my post.  Next.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:

Whatever you mentioned in your question, none of them are related to DAG or mailbox role. All you are talking above it about Hub role. When you say dismantle? What does that mean. When you say, power on in 2008 R2 domain? Does that mean different forest altogether? If yes, then your concept will not work. You need to install new server in new forest and perform the cross forest migration.
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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
To be honest. I am not 100% clear on your query
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I agree to MAS, your end goal is not clear.
dee30Author Commented:
Dismantle was hx insight; it doesn't exist the DAG, it 'had two" members and DAG was dismantled, leaving 'one' production exchange that's been working fine.  "Now" I would like to use that second exchange, vm back on that has been off but not removed from env and use it in a situation that has come up, instead of 'adding' a second exchange from scratch, 'if possible/best route'.  Advise?

Purpose of second Exchange explained above, move some mailboxes over to it from production exchange, ensure mail still works from both/split mailboxes in production single domain.local, NO DAG, then second box set to accept mail from new company(buyers) domain, external and existing, and mail flows to that one for those users that go with that deal, then terminate VPN tunnel and WAN connection, causing my well maintained healthy AD to be left as crap, while the new company with the 100 IT by committee people that purchased the other locs maintain my "domain.local" literal name internally and GUI/SID for the users and their functioning Exchange(2nd reintroduced or new?), accepting mail on their external domain.  Then their 100 plus IT staff can do whatever they want once WAN connectivity is broken, while I 'm left to deal with my crapped AD containing crapped out objects and metadata.

I am looking for  best route to take to accomplish this, add new exchange(2nd), use the one that I already had but is off, and steps to do so (high/low level even).  

Thank you.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
The solution you are looking, is not advisable. Remember, Exchange is a live DB. It updates every second. In your case, best way to accomplish this task is DAG for DB HA. For hub, you need two hub server, for CAS you need two CAS server with HLB. Which you were already using it. Not sure why you dismantled it. You were already using the best option for Exchange.
dee30Author Commented:
okay thanks.
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Are you trying to have one more Exchange split the users to reduce the load on Exchange?
If yes install one more Exchange server with all the roles and split the users.
why you bring the server back and try to fix the error (though it is not recommended)?

FYI please read my comments on the below thread regarding clean up of failed/obsolete  exchange
dee30Author Commented:
I'm convinced you guy are messing with me.

Things not mentioned:
load balancing
reduction of load

Right up there with price of tea in china:
why I dismantled DAG I once had two years ago.

Can I either use. turn on and configure somehow that exchange vm, or add  a second exchange from scratch to move some users to it from server one, ensure both work with 'existing' incoming, then the 2nd server get to work with NEW COMPANY THAT BOUGHT THE LOC and with their EXTERNAL while on existing internal AD domain.local, single domain in single forest?

Aftwards/whichever works, terminate WAN connection b/w locs and the new owners go their way and I go mine, oh but with my crapped out AD that i'll be left to cleanup, because I won't be demoting my AD or removing their 2nd Exchange prior to terminating the WAN connection.  Obviously I have no choice here, hence tone and verbiage used.

if saying above scenario procedure, as much as I have no say, can only be accomplished with reviving/doing the DAG and then terminating WAN un-gracefully, leaving a mess then say that!
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Too much confusion in your question. Let me try to make it simple for you. I hope I am clear this time.

If, I understand properly, you have one Exchange ServerA in Domain ABC. Now, you want to bring ServerB in same domain ABC. Next you are going to move mailboxes to Sever B. Then you are planning to move that ServerB to Domain XYZ.

If that's what you are planning. It won't work. You need to use cross-forest migration concept. Where you install ServerB in XYZ domain.

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dee30Author Commented:
I don't think so, but...

Nothing changing in internal domain.local single AD/Forest setup.

Server A production, Server B either bring old vm back online and reconfigure(how best?) or add a new Server B(how best?).  Advise if possible.

Server B initially accepting mail for migrated user mailboxes under existing external
Server B then set it to accept mail from NEW COMPANY THAT BOUGHT Loc's external and different

Server A - production continues to work AS IS with incoming mail.
Server B - production starts to work accepting mail flow.

Then dismantle VPN TUNNELS for that loc.
Result - leaving the new company with my domain.local internal literal name and their external incoming mail flow working on the 2nd exchange, no loss of SIDS/GUI for desktops.

Me - I am left with a crapped out AD that I then have to clean up, BUT my 'Server A' Exchange NEVER stops working/flowing.

This is what I need to accomplish and why, however anyone can suggest.

Thank you.
dee30Author Commented:
again, this is not my devised plan, this what they are saying they want to do and I have no say.
Just looking to find out if can use an exchange VM I already have vs adding a second one from scratch, which is what they are requesting/saying.

If opinions as to how better to accomplish I'm curious and welcome the knowledge, but deferring to their plan regardless.

Thank you.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
My last answer was correct. You can wait for other EE to respond.
dee30Author Commented:
Great, okay so cross-forest-migration is best course, as much as it can be arduous and laborious.   Pretty much knew this, but again differing to their devised plan, as works best for them.  I don't need to wait for anything else. Done with topic.  Thank you.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Thanks :)
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