Recommendation for a consultant setting up clients- office 365 direct or thru reseller?

I'm starting to setup clients on office 365 soon - in the next couple days, I have to setup a 4 user company that wants just the o365 desktop apps for now.  But I see other clients moving to 0365 for exchange online and / desktop apps soon also.

What's the pros / cons of dealing with microsoft directly for each client vs. going to intermedia, godaddy, rackspace, ____ ?  Any resellers you like /  don't like?

I don't think marking up the services is an issue - you can't through Microsoft direct, right? (although I want to pay for all client services on my credit card - partly for miles : )   but really more important - I know the service hasn't lapsed because they didn't pay the bill (way too many times I've had clients over the years - our internet is out.  turns out they didn't pay their bill / credit card on autopay expired, etc.

One pane of glass for admin - you lose that for o365 direct, right? Have to have an admin username / password for each client and log in seperately for each client, right?  For the resellers, do you get a single login (to their system) and then that will get you into each client?

Are either month to month or all have 1 year commitment?  Or neither has the commitment?

You are paying more for going in through the resellers, right?  What do you gain?  Better support? Or do they just wind up passing you on to MS support for most everything?  It's only a little more per month / user, but for small businesses, that adds up
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jorge diazSECommented:
wow.. you have a lot of questions.. simply put i go straight with microsoft. i have migrated 4 customers, when you sign up you have the option of yearly or monthly subscription. If you see yourself as deploying multiple Office 365  migrations then you should consider becoming a partner so you can make some profit off of the subscriptions too.  In my case office 365 is not part of my core business so i haven't bothered to become a Microsoft partner but may be in the future i will.

Microsoft support is great, you can really see the difference between them and the re sellers'  support.

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BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
does yearly come out cheaper vs. monthly? Are you tied to 1 year commitement either way?

for the 4 clients - do you have to log in for each one seperately to admin each?

check your last sentence - you can really or you can't really?   MS is better / same / worse than resellers support?
jorge diazSECommented:
it's slightly cheaper if you commit to a year.  check the plans here:

yes, i log in separately. it's fine with me, it's billable time. Besides once it's setup i don't have to access the admin panel that much.

I meant Microsoft support is outstanding.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
interesting. Other forums are saying things like:

My biggest beef with Office 365 is the APPALLING level of support directly from Microsoft. LONG hold times, and poor support IF and when they do answer.

certainly don't doubt what you are saying, it's just frustrating that the experiences can be so varied.

What type of things do you actually need to contact them for? Initial config? or once it's up and running?
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