Collecting Jobs for OsClass

I am planning to create a osclass classifieds website exclusively for jobs in media. For now I plan to get jobs from sites like, where they provide APIs & XML feeds for custom search. I would like to know how can I use that job feeds so that they appear under categories,locations and also in search?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Please have a quick look at this article then tell us where you are in terms of your experience with web development, APIs, XML processing in PHP.  It will help us to advise you if we understand your skill level in these areas.  Thanks, ~Ray
rogertolandAuthor Commented:
Overall, I will be a Neophyte.
Ray PaseurCommented:
OK, let's start with some dependable PHP learning resources.

Next we might be able to help with the APIs and XML feeds.  If you can show us links to the data you want to use, I can show you how to consume it.  But I am not an expert in OsClass so your experience would need to fill in that part.
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rogertolandAuthor Commented:
Here you can find details about Osclass:
Its like a content management system for classifieds, the file and folder structure is similar to wordpress.
You can find details of Indeed API(I want to integrate API services of other possible classifieds sites too)
Meanwhile I am patching my web programming skills.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Do you have a budget for this project?  At E-E we are pretty good at answering questions, but this is not really a question with an answer; it's a requirement for application development.  When you want someone to research an API, that is a professional activity that requires considerable dedicated work.  It would be appropriate to hire a professional developer to do the work.

OTOH, when you are working on the application and you come to a "stuck" point, we can usually help very quickly because in those cases, a succinct question about "how do I do this" emerges.  The best way to get help with those stuck points is to use the SSCCE.
rogertolandAuthor Commented:
What are all the  logical steps required in doing the project in detail?

My guesses in brief:
-Using API, collect job data through XML
-Input those into Osclass mysql database.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Agree, those are the two most important high-level tasks that come to mind.
rogertolandAuthor Commented:
How can I split these tasks into smaller meaningful steps? Also can you refer me a guide or primer to get started on APIs and XMLs?
Ray PaseurCommented:
There are a number of good learning resources identified in the article I linked earlier.

I have some discussion and a simple example of an API here with lots of links to learn more:

In PHP, XML is usually best handled via SimpleXML.

In practice, XML is being replaced by JSON.  JSON is better because it preserves more native data types and it produces a better payload-to-propellant ratio, by reducing unnecessary markup.  We have a couple of PHP functions that convert JSON strings to objects and back, just like the XML libraries.

To the question of "smaller meaningful steps" I would say that is the very essence of the programmer's craft.  We are constantly refining our understanding of problems, writing some code, testing it, refactoring it, lather-rinse-repeat.  So here is the first thing I would want to do, more or less in correct order.

1. Identify the API you want to consume
2. Obtain an API key or similar credentials that allow you to read from the API
3. Write a PHP script to read from the API
4. Use var_dump() or similar to verify that you've read the data correctly
5. Set up some static test data, probably using the data you read from the API, but storing it in a PHP variable or in a file on your own server, so you can hit it a hundred times or more without introducing a costly load on the true API
6. Try decoding the test data - turning strings into objects, extracting information from the objects, aggregating data collections, etc.  Get used to working with the API data
7. Consider ways of storing the API data.  See if it fits neatly into a relational database

Once you have a good grip on the data you want to use - how to acquire it, how to parse it, how to store it, how to handle error conditions - then I would turn my attention to OsClass and see how my data fits into their schema.

HTH, ~Ray

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