Cold Fusion Regular Expression

I have this RegEx for Cold Fusion
<cfset search.szQuickValue=REReplaceNoCase("#search.szQuickValue#","Ave.","Ave")>

I use it for when people put in an address and include a period (even though they are not supposed to). So "Ave." will translate to "Ave".
However, I'm seeing that it's also matching if "Ave" is inside of a word, say the word "Brookhaven", it's turning it into "BrookhAve". Not what I want. How can I modify this RegEx to match exactly "Ave." with the period?
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
<cfset search.szQuickValue=REReplaceNoCase("#search.szQuickValue#","Ave\.","Ave")>

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"." means "any character", you need to escape it to mean "."


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Edit  - never mind. Too slow :)

(no points... I don't have an answer)

I was going to suggest using a word boundary ie "\b", but I *think* periods are considered boundary markers too. Since it is also part of the text you want to replace, not sure if that will work.  

Side note, periods have a special meaning in regex's. So your expression is actually replacing any character following "Ave" - not just a literal period.

<!--- test code --->
<cfset arr = ["ABC Ave.", "ABC Ave. NY", "Test Ave.nue A", "Ave. 123","Ave.", "Avec Test"]>

<cfloop array="#arr#" index="search.szQuickValue">
<cfset newValue =REReplaceNoCase(search.szQuickValue,"Ave.","Ave")>
<cfset writeOutput("<br>old=#search.szQuickValue# || new = #newValue#")>

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nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Rookie Mistake. I actually knew that from RegEx in perl, but it just didn't occur to me.

I have one more, if you have a sec.

<cfset search.szQuickValue=REReplaceNoCase("#search.szQuickValue#","Port Jeff","Port Jefferson")>

If someone types in "Port Jefferson", the result I get back is: Port Jeffersonerson, because it's matching the "Port Jeff".
What I'm trying to do is if someone abbreviates and searches for "Port Jeff" they will get Port Jefferson (which this regEx actually does go. But as i said, if they search "Port Jefferson" it all gets messed up. Possible?
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
<cfset search.szQuickValue=REReplaceNoCase("#search.szQuickValue#","Port Jeff$","Port Jefferson")>

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This should only replace if Jeff is immediately followed by the end of string.
What you're doing is infinite recurrent replace: on every replace an additional "erson" is added.
(no points...)

Same thing will happen with "Ave.". Though less likely it'll be part of a word due to the period. Sounds like you do need word boundary markers ie "\b", since the phrase might occur anywhere within the string. I'll leave that to the Regex folks though :)
nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dan for the second solution as well as the first. Both work great.

Thanks _agx_ for your input as well!

Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
You're welcome.

Glad I could help!
> if Jeff is immediately followed by the end of string.

@nachtmsk - Welcome.  Reason for suggesting boundary markers was because I thought the key text could be anywhere within the string.  If you're sure it's always   at the end of the string, well .. that makes life much simpler ;-)
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