Configuring Ricoh MPC3003 on Office 365

We've recently ditched our MS 2003 Exchange Server and gone down the Office 365.

We have a Ricoh MPC3003 multi function copier and one of the benefits we had was that we could scan directly to individual users mailboxes.

Since implementing Office 365 we are no longer able to do.

Does anybody have any experience on setting these up?
Javed ChowdryAsked:
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Ben HartCommented:
We're on Exchange Online and have a few MFPs that scan to email.  On our Ricohs we had to set the SMTP server to an external SMTP relay.  One one of them we had to use an internal SMTP relay, which was incredibly easy to setup.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
have you trying to check the mailbox configuration from the Ricoh configuration web page
I have had to do this a couple times.  Settings below are similar to what we did.  MAKE SURE DNS IS SETUP ON THE RICOH SO IT CAN RESOLVE SMTP.OFFICE365.COM:

I just installed three Ricoh C3003 printers in our network Friday last week with scan to email. If you login to the web console go to Device Management > Configuration > Device Settings > Email, then make sure you have the following settings to work:

    Administrator Email Address: needs to be the address of the account you are using for outgoing email so
    Under SMTP I believe you have the setting correct:
    SMTP Server Name:
    SMTP Port No.: 587
    Use Secure Connection (SSL): On
    SMTP Authentication: On
    SMTP Auth. Email Address:
    SMTP Auth. User Name:
    SMTP Auth. Password: set to your account password
    SMTP  Auth. Encryption: Auto Select

That should do it, the key that tricked me up was the Admin Email and you have to send all email with that account.

Info above from thread on spiceworks which has other suggestions as well:

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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
also You need to setup an SMTP Relay sever
Does your Scanner have a place you put in a Username, Password and turn on TLS Encryption?
Basically, in order to use Office 365 you must make an authenticated TLS Connection. That means the account must authenticate using TLS with user/pass..So, you can either enter in the username/password into the scanner, and make sure its using TLS, or you need to setup an SMTP relay server on your own, and you scan to that sever, and use that as the SMTP sever
You will either have to configure the printer to use a 365 account for authentication ( and I have found on many printers the return address must match the authentication address for scan to email to succeed or if your public ip address is static you could set up a approved relay for the printer in 365. explains the 3 options available
Javed ChowdryAuthor Commented:
Cheers bas274, that worked a treat. Many thanks.
Javed ChowdryAuthor Commented:
Cheers everyone for replying so promptly. I've got it up and running now.
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