Check Disk Will Not work In Windows 7 64 bit

Recently one day i installed some programs and all went well. The next morning I was greeted by a dialog that the computer had not shutdown properly. I continued on with the boot process and was then greeted by another dialog that the disk needed to be checked for errors due to software that I'd installed.

Before getting into the drive I tried check disk and it would not work due to problems on the drive. So then i continued on and looked into one of my 3 user accounts. and I then deleted every program that I had installed the previous day.

Again I rebooted and was greeted by the same dialog about using check disk and when i attempted to use it then check disk would not run.

After this i attempted a restore point and that would not work either because T received the message that there were problems on the drive and system restore could not proceed.

After this I attempted to go to command prompt (with admin access)  and start check disk. This failed and the reason given was that the drive was "read only". I looked up how to correct this problem and then I decided that I needed help in solving this problem.

The computer runs ok and except for the request to run check disk at boot and the failure of system restore to work the computer runs fine.

Is there any way to fix this problem. I simply so not intend to try the free download of windows 10 since I know it would use files form my Windows 7 install and that could ruin my Windows 10 install. Considering this I'd be forced into purchasing a Windows 10 disk & to attempt a dual boot considering that I've got software on this computer that I cannot replace.

I've considered a non-destructive reinstall but according to what I've read I cannot use the restore disk provided by the mfg of the computer NOR can I use an OEM disk I have to make this type of restore possible. I am not even sure if it would work in the first place.

My 1st priority is getting this problem fixed and then worrying about my Windows 10 problem later.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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If you have a Windows 7 Disk, try booting to that disk and go into the Recovery Tools and in the Advanced options you can go to a command line and run Chkdsk.  Use Chkdsk /R to try to repair any problems found.  You could try just CHKDSK /F first.

Additionally if your PC has hardware diags built into the BIOS run those first just to see if the drive has physically failed.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I do not have a regular win 7 disk - the one from the mfg can't be used for that purpose and I seriously doubt that an OEM disk would work as well. I also do not think that my BIOS has that - never seen anything like that when I have been in the BIOS.

Other that the problem of check disk not working and not being able to get restore to work the computer is working normally.

In this case then would I just be better off leaving it alone and hope nothing further happens?
You can try the following:

Just download the Demo, burn to a CD and I believe it does let you go to command prompt and includes chkdsk.
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If chkdsk fails to complete, the disk itself is bad and needs to be replaced. Run the disk manufacturer's diagnostic utility on it to verify this, and if the disk still has warranty, the error message the diag tool gives you will help you to get a warranty replacement. Otherwise it helps you to RMA it.

The manufacturer's diag tools are included on the UBCD:

If it happens to be an SSD, those aren't included and you must download the tool from the SSD's website.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
OK! I'll give that a try!

HMCSAuthor Commented:
The disk is several years old. If I do replace the disk it will be sometime in October when I get my refund check from MS Power Company. Until then it will either work or fail. I just don't have the money anymore to do things like that - poverty isn't fun!!! :-(

I do have a younger HP computer so I'll not totally be out a computer should the drive go belly up.

I still think that some software I installed messed things up!
All disks go bad, and bad ones need to be replaced. You can always look for cheap 2nd hand disks on sites like ebay.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Well right now I hope that this is not the case. I do know a friend in WA state that might can help me with a replacement drive. I just hate to lose it since there are things on it that I simply cannot replace.

At least if I have to get a new disk I have in my possession a new and unused, unopened Windows 7 OEM disk that i bought the year when I got a refund check from another problem and picked up the balance from a gift certificate on Amazon. The disk that came with the computer could not be used on a new drive since it must need an existing Win 7 O/S to work.

So you see I am somewhat between a rock and a hard place on this one. Living basically on 10K/yr is not something I recommend!
You should be able to download the media to install Windows 7 from a different computer.  The download can be obtained here using your product key for Windows 7:

Burn the ISO to a DVD.  You should be able to reinstall with this disk using your existing product key.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I did use Belarc advisor to ascertain my exact hard drive and it reported this:

WDC WD5000AAKS-00UU3A0 [Hard drive] (500.11 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCAYU6606129, rev 01.03B01, SMART Status: Healthy

Additionally I should be able with Belarc to find the product key for the original mfg's install that came with this computer.

I also assume this is a SATA drive!
It is SATA, conventional (notSSD) disk.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Yes - It's got to be a SATA and not EIDE, which i am more familiar with.  I'd really like to have a SSD but that is for another discussion at another time!
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've done some investigation and have some  attachments. I have more but right now I've misplaced them.

Perhaps this will shed some light on the problem, perhaps not.

Oh, and in one report it shows a high computer temperature. IMHO is is erroneous in that this computer has had a high one since the day I bought it and I believe it is due to a bad windbond. If this were an actual temperature this computer would have burned out years ago!!!

Let me know what you think and tomorrow I'll see if I can find the other files or redo them, if necessary!
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Here are a few more I finally found:
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Oh and I visited the MS page and my key does not work! So much for that one! At least I have the OEM version on hand!
you need to run the LONG or extended test
the Quick is what it says - it only verifies basic operations are ok
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I didn't run the long version because of the warnings it contained!
what warnings??
HMCSAuthor Commented:
it says about backing up your stuff - I'm running it anyway amd keeping my fingers crossed. I'm using my back up HP computer while the test is running!
Are you running the disk manufacturer's diagnostic, or some other tool? Only the manufacturer's diagnostic should be run and will give results whose accuracy are reliable.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
This is a test that was recommended in this question and comes from the UBCD and is marked for the Western Digital drives.

I am posting the results - they are "negative" and so we are back to square one, I suppose!

PS: The dates on these are Aug 25th but I make these today, the 26th - go figure!! I double checked and my computer date and time are correct! it's now 7:47 AM on 26 Aug 15!

Let me know what you ppl think! I'm headed to the couch after I take my morning meds!
None of the images, except the first two, one of which shows crystal disk are viewable, and crystal disk is a 3rd party tool, not from the disk manufacturers.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I can't imagine why the images are not viewable. I guess there is nothing I can do about it. I know the Crystal disk ones are a 3rd party.

I guess it is futile to continue since i cannot post any images!
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Since the requested images are not viewable it it is futile to continue with attempting to solve this question. I will not be bringing up this question again. I no longer wish to pursue solving this problem.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I have asked that this question be deleted - thanks anyway for your help!
the images can be openend without problem HMCS
they show your disk is ok
you said chkdsk would not run - any erros or messages?

imo - no need to close this - lets look into it
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I request that my delete request be cancelled in that I will attempt to solve the problem.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
My first indication of a problem is that the next day after installing a few small programs that I received the dialog at boot that the computer did not shut down properly.

Secondly  upon the next boot what popped up next was a request to check the disk for errors due to something about recently installed programs. I started the check disk only to find that it would not run.

Thirdly - I then deleted the programs that i had installed thinking that might solve the problem, it didn't. I then ran check disk from a command prompt, with elevated privileges, and then I was informed that the disk was "write only"!

Finally before taking this to EE I looked up what it would take to correct the write only problem and then i saw that I was well over my near 73  year old head!

Since you say the disk checks fine - in looking at one report tho I do see that it does have some problems, possibly due to age, and there might actually be some problems with the disk that, hopefully, check disk would be able to fix if I could make it work. Would a defrag be of any help here? I kinda doubt it but I thought I'd ask!

Well that is that from a nutshell. The rest is contained in the questions and relies above and in the attachments (which I wonder why Rindi could not see. Also I can run diagnostic software from WD if you would like a 2nd opinion on the drive I suppose.

I'd appreciate your opinion and suggestions.
>>  check the disk for errors due to something about recently installed programs.   <<  too bad you did not make a note of the message

>>  in looking at one report tho I do see that it does have some problems  <<  which one?  i did not see any problem

since the pc runs - open event viewer, and look for errors - you know how?
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I have really not looked at an event viewer closely since my NT/2000/XP days. The format sure has changed !

Also I believe that alot of the data in the event viewer has been deleted when I run CC Cleaner :-(

What exactly should i be looking for anyway as I search through the even viewer?
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I have found something in the event viewer. There are quite a few instances of this same thing and I believe it refers to the problem at hand.

Please pardon the messy way I copied the event! :-( I hope this sheds some light on the situation!

I copied this one event and put it on my default office program called "Atlantis". I've used it for years and it has more than paid for itself over the years (at least a decade)! :-)
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Looking back at the event viewer I can surmise that the event in question happened on 8/21/15. This seems to be the start of events pertaining to corruption!
id 55 relates to your chkdsk problem ; try the suggestions here :
you know you can filter the event viewer results?
and take a screenshot
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I'll be checking out the suggestion in a little while after i make "rounds" here at the complex of the 2 laundry rooms (This is my job here at the apartment complex). This job helps pay my Comcast bill!

I've never really fooled all that much with the event viewer and not really all that much in years.

Some of the information in the event viewer I can't enlarge and use a screen shot. I'll have to look more into it.  Like i said I've been Lax in using it.

I do know this - one way or another - however i install Windows 10 - I am either going to have ot solve these problems before I have Windows 10 on this computer - unless i want to wreck the whole thing before I ever get started. Putting Windows 10 on my HP computer should not be all that much of a big deal since it has never had the use put to it like this one has day in and day out.

If the disk is not well enough then it would be fruitless to install a new O/S on it. These are some of the decisions I must make before i "take the plunge"! But also I need this old body fixed too - cataracts and now doctors are looking at an aneurysm :-( ! I think i am past a tune-up and need an overhaul! lol
HMCSAuthor Commented:
OK! I read the article and I cannot get into the drive. Enclosed is a print screen of it when i pulled up a command prompt while I was on Windows 7.

If I try and run ChkDsk at boot I still can't get into it!

So what do I do now ?
you say YES and reboot; if that does not work, boot from your windows 7 instalml DVD, and try this method :
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I will try this, the YES part, but I was told, I believe earlier that I could not use the install disk from the computer mfg nor could I use my unused OEM disk!  This is all I have!!!  I do know that on my disk is a small partition separate from my main C drive.

There is a 100 MB "system" partition just ahead of the main C: drive! I've enclosed a print screen (PS) about this!
i do not understand the above
either you have the windows  64 bit install dvd, or you download it - an OEM or another
if somebody tells you something - ask them for proof...
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've decided to use either the mfg supplied disk or I can use the un-used OEM disk. Which would work the best? Also what exactly am i looking for since i don't remember this part of using an install disk.

Secondly I am unable to get a download from MS since for some reason I get a message that I can't use the key supplied. I know my Windows O/S is genuine.  At that point it does not matter as long as one of my 2 options work.

Additionally (just in conversation) I just lost about 99% of what was on a 64 GB nearly brand new USB SanDisk. I believe what happened is that it got "fried" when there was a brief power outage.

Funny tho also connected to the computer was a 250 GB WD external drive. It is intact! I didn't find out about the drive until this morning when I wanted to add some files to it.

I tried several recovery software and got so little back it is not worth mentioning. I do have some of what i lost on my computer in various places.

One question about this is that is the little USB drive physically ok? Could or should I format the thing and reuse it? I hate to can a USB drive that did cost me $$$!

If this use of the mfg disk or the OEM one fails to fix my computer drive I will sadly consider reinstalling the O/S - that is after I manage to get everything i can off of it!

If i go the route of a FREE Windows 10 then I need a fully operational O/S don't you think since it will copy my programs and stuff and I don't want any 'trash" going on a brand new O/S!
i can't tell like that - the repair/install DVD must be the same version as the installed OS
so compare them

is the us usb drive ok ?  easy to test : format it - if it goes ok - it's probably fine
HMCSAuthor Commented:
The one that came with the computer is a Win 7 64 bit

The OEM one says the same thing but also says SP1.

The computer has SP1 on it tho but i can't remember if it was on the one that came with the computer or that I later installed SP1. At the time i only had the mfg. install media. I only bought the OEM one later this year in 2015.

The O/S has bee reinstalled once before. Additionally for some reason when the reinstall was created there is a huge folder called "Old Windows". I tried deleting it and when missing I got the dialog that my O/S was not valid! I've never seen anything like that! This folder was created 2/08/13 and is more than likely the date I did the reinstall. this folder is 25.2 GB in size! Any ideas on that ?

It seemed the my almost new USB drive survived. It took forever to do the format. I let it go alone while I used my back-up computer to get on the net. That computer is an HP and is a year younger than this computer. I do believe that the corruption of the USB drive happened during a power outage a few days ago. This has NO bearing on my present computer problem however.
you need windows 7 dvd with SP1 - if that is the actually installed OS

for the usb -this may help a bit :
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Well then it looks like the OEM disk is the one! I can't be sure that the mfg one is SP1 or not!

Now the next part is what exactly am i looking for when I put in the DVD?

I'll check out that link concerning the USB stick! TNX :-)
if it has SP1 - it is printed on it
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Well then the OEM Disk is printed SP1 and the other is not - I reckon I got SP1 later when I reinstalled the O/S in 2013 from MS itself. I just don't remember exactly.

So I'll pop in the DVD and see if i can find a command prompt - otherwise Ill just go and delete the O/S and reinstall it.

Actually I don't think that the disk provided by the mfg is a true install disk since printed on it say recovery disk and to my way of thinking it is not a true full install. No wonder that the reinstall I did in 2013 was goofy. I should never had a folder labeled "windows old" and containing  25.2 GB. A true install would have wiped the disk slick!

Well wish me luck cause I have no idea where to look for what I need - I'll let you know when I do it. I might not get around it until tomorrow, who knows. I've got alot going on around here right now and among these are several Dr. appointments: Eye, Primary Care, Dermatologist, Cardiovascular. They will be taking care of everything from cataracts to a neck problem, medicine reaction, skin problem and aneurysm. So you see my plate is fairly full already! And on top of that in 9 days I turn 73! lol
a recovery will install all as it was when purchased
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've instead tried the repair function of Windows both on the computer and by making a disk. All i got when using command prompt was that the disk was write protected and I don't think there is much of a way around it!

I'm seriously now considering wiping it all slick and reinstalling Windows 7 using the mfg disk. I can then later install SP1 - since this is more than likely what i did in 2013! this is the only think i could have done considering at the time I had no other media to use!  I wish to hold on to the OEM disk in case it is needed for something else - perhaps on my HP compputer should tat become necessary!

Unless you can think of a way to get around a write protected disk - I'm afrain it is "Game over"!
do you have a running pc around?  if so, connect the drive to it as second drive, and check if you can read/write to/from it
if you don't have one - look for a friend who has one

or use the paragon rescue kit, (or any other live CD) and check if you can copy your data
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I've now encountered another problem (3 instances) which relate to a crash involving the internet connection.

This is finally leading me more and more to finally just saying to heck with it and to reinstall the whole thing and be done with it.  

I am going to send you a minidump. I don't know if you can read it or not but if you can it might give you an insight into the new problem.

I am fairly sure the reason this happened is that I tried and failed on two different restore points. I didn't have this problem before I attempted the restore. I don't have many restore points and I do believe all of them are corrupt as well.

Let me know what you think!

I've been getting all of what i wish to save off of my 2 user accounts and will just let the rest of it go. I am putting them on one of my USB pen drives for temporary storage.

I finally think this is the only solution left. I plan on using the MFG's disk which does not have SP1 on it but I can add it later since I am sure this is what I did before since at the time I didn't have the OEM disk.

As far as having another computer - I have an HP which is a year younger than this computer with all the problems. It is my backup one & is also used for offline photo work. Since the stroke in 2004 I don't have what it takes to physically move the disk to another computer nor do I have a friend that could do it for me. I do have a friend who has another computer but he knows literally nothing about computers and in fact when he has a problem I am the one he will call.

I do know one thing and that is after I reinstall the system I am going to image this drive and at least I'll have something to fall back on in case things like this were to happen again. I should have done this years ago. I am going to download the free rescue kit since I feel that it will come in handy.
it lists tcpip as the cause = the internet protocol
so doxnload the driver you need; then uninstall the network driver and install the new one
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Since my last post I've also found out that this problem only happens with Firefox. Yesterday afternoon and evening I used Chrome and it never did crash!!!

I've had various problems with Firefox for many months & I think it is corrupted. I've reinstalled it but that has not seemed to help. But there is a deeper uninstall available and I've never done that. It would also take care of any add ons, etc. I already know to save my passwords and bookmarks.

I'll have to find what driver i need. I don't have a clue. This is something I've never done. It seems to my that this install of Windows 7 is slowly falling apart,
that is possible after a couple of years; i usually do a freh install then
if you want to go a bit quicker, make an image of the fresh install
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I am going to try and reinstall Windows 7 via the mfg install disk. I don't remember if I need the product key or not for this. The one on the side if the case is damaged beyond use. I've used both Speccy and Belarc Advisor to come up with a key.

I went to the Microsoft site that was given here on this question to download a copy of a Win 7 ISO and I put in the product key and it would not take it and to contact the "Microsoft contact us page". I tried looking that up and no luck. I really don't remember if I will need the product key or not - I simply can't remember.

Any ideas? If all else fails I will be forced to use the OEM disk. I'd give the ley on here but i don't think that would be a good idea!
an OEM key will not work with a "normal" windows version; that's normel
so i suspect also you'll need the OEM disk; i'm not sure if you need the key - this is als manufacturer dependant
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I may need to contact the makers of this computer and see what they say. I simply cannot remember if I had to use a key or not. I know I will if I do use the OEM disk but I have that key, no doubt! :-)

Depending on what I find I should do the reinstall no later than early next week, if not sooner.

I'll let know know what I find out!
in any case - backup everything first
if you want to be able to return to this install - make an image of the disk first
HMCSAuthor Commented:
So far I've gotten almost everything off the drive that I care to keep!

As far as making an image of this drive - - - I have no idea where I would put it since I'd fear that it could be a whopper.

I do have 2 - 250 GB external drives but they are nearly at max capacity. Perhaps i could however, in a pinch, dump most of it on the drive of my HP computer. I do have more than one 64 GB USB pen drives but even so I'd be looking at dumping it somewhere to make room but I have a feeling that an image of this drive would be rather large.

I also had planned on making an image of the newly created install - provided that is if and when I was satisfied that everything was OK. I know I'd have 30 days to  activate the install. The image would be done after activation, naturally!

BTW - my HP computer is basically a back up to this computer and is also used for non-online activities such as reading e-books and working on photos. It does every now and then put online to get updates and the like.

Also as a closing comment to this post is that while checking quite a number of my USB pen drives that some of them would not read but when taken over to the HP it would real without any problems. Like I said - - - this computer is falling apart! The HP is a year younger than this computer and does not have near the "miles" put on it that this poor computer has seen over the 4 or 5 years of it's life.
>>   this computer is falling apart!  <<  imo -  you're wrong here
it is only the software on it that has problems - or did you find evidence for hardware problems?
HMCSAuthor Commented:
NO! That was just an "expression"! Hardware wise I believe things are OK. The only other problem is some of the USB pen drives will not work but yet they work on another computer. This is more of what I called "falling apart"! ! I am surprised that Windows 7 still works considering all the problems it is now experiencing.

I don't know when I will actually get to the reinstall. I do need to contact the computer mfg and ask about the product key.  Then after that hopefully the whole thing will be a breeze. I figure even if i email them today it will be Tuesday before I can begin to expect a reply since Monday is Labor Day  & besides I am cooking my holiday meal! That takes prescience over almost everything else! I don't care to mess up my turkey breast!!!

Also the 9th I have a dual Dr. appointment and that will take up most of the day. Also on the 10th will be my 73rd birthday and I will be taken out to eat at the BEST Chinese restaurant in town! :-)  So you see I have a rather full schedule part of the week, Hopefully by then I'll have some sort of reply from the computer mfg.
enjoy your birthday and dinner - and don't forget to kiss the lovly chinese girls... :-))
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I need to make a post - I just gt a nasty message that this question had no activity in 3 days.

One interesting thing was the other morning when booting up this computer was a message "no keyboard found"!

I was shocked but continued on with the boot and lo and behold my KB worked perfectly - now isn't that a hoot ?

I'll make plans on the reinstall possibly at the end of the week, I haven't yet written the computer mfg yet and I need to do that pronto!!

I'll keep you posted. The Labor Day meal went OK - A few slight problems but nothing major and nothing that made any effect on the outcome of the meal! :-)

My BD is the 10th!  Got a double Dr. appointment tomorrow~

Later - - -
>>  "no keyboard found  <<  probably just a bad contact, so remove, and reconnect it
if you want to do better, spray the connector with contact cleaner spray

like this one :
or CRC
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info! I won't be doing much about the computer today.  I have a double Dr appointment today. One in the morning and the other in the super early afternoon. They are both in the same building. The first is my primary (PCP) and the other is  my new Dermatologist (My other Dr. retired!) I have 5 different doctors:

there's still  room for a dozen more then lol
HMCSAuthor Commented:
At one time I had more than what I have now! The main cost to me is transportation. For 3 years we had no public transport (bus). To go to Dr. appointments (mainly downtown) was anywhere from $16 - 18 round trip. Now that we have a bus i can do the same for a flat $6 round trip. The only exception is the vascular Dr since he only sees patients on Tues and Thurs. This is when, for now, the transit system does not run. So I must take at expensive taxi ride. I've already seen one Dr this month and that was my eye Dr for my yearly check up and to check the progress of my very slow growing cataracts. All of this $$$ is relative and to some ppl it is nothing but when you live on the poverty level every $ counts - believe me!  The apartment complex where I live and work does give me a discounted rate since I've been here so long. Without that discount I'd have some real issues! my work at the complex almost pays my TV, internet & phone bill each month. I also think i need a new modem but that is something between myself and the company! lol

'Nuff said - I must get ready for the bus
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I finally got an answer from the computer mfg. & here is what they wrote (pardon the grammatical errors):

"Based upon some of the information it sounds like an improper install was completed.
You do not have to manually install service3 pack update they are part of windows updates. We recommend to just keep checking windows updates until there are no more available.
We would not advise to update to Windows 10 as the last supported operating system was Windows 7.
The software you used to get the key from the BIOS should pull the correct key. If the motherboard was not changed it should not ask for a product key during or after the install."

So - - - It looks like I would have a correct licence key that I got from Belarc and Speccy after all. I think the "service 3 pack" is a typo on their part and really means Service pack 1 instead.

Now as to the "improper install" I'd really like to know HOW I pulled that one off!!! You tell me and we will both know!!!

Well that's all for now! I need to do a few more things and very soon I'll go for the new install of Win 7.
HMCSAuthor Commented:
Of all things chkdsk decided to work on boot. It changed and deleted many items. I was pleased at this & I had hoped that it would solve some of my other problems which had cropped along the way through this menagerie.

Later I decided to run chkdsk again and this time it would not work but the dialog it gave was not like the original problem - instead it suggested that I use a restore point to correct the problem.

Since my restore points have not worked in some time I knew that this would possibly only lead to further problems - including possibly actually restoring me to my original problem.

As far as if the restore points work or not I am not attempting it since I know for a fact that in doing so a previous time, even tho it failed, it caused Firefox to generate an IRQL due to some problem with my internet access. It has also done the same thing with Chrome but to a much lesser degree.

The bottom line is this - - - Since the O/S is operating at a marginally OK level I've decided to wait on the install until the main holiday season is over. I do this for several reasons and the main one is keeping the O/S as is since the reinstall will wipe out programs that I might not be able to replace & also I have just been informed that I will be needing 3 different outpatient surgical procedures on both of my legs to wipe out 2 of the largest leg veins and one smaller vein. Since i am having increasing problems with this condition I've decided to forgo possible further increasing debilitation & have the operations on Oct 19th, 26th and November 2nd.

More than likely after January 1st, 2016 I will then consider a total reinstall of my O/S either by the mfg reinstall disk or by using the OEM disk that i purchased 6 or so months ago. Then after this I will worry about Windows 10 and how i will approach the install of 10. By this time I will have the refund that I will be getting and this will make my choice of procedure much wider in scope.

For this reason I will be closing this question. I would like any and all participants in this question to provide me with a closing statement which i then can use to award points.

Thanks for putting up with such a long and complicated question!
well - another option is to install another fresh OS - if you have the key
you can do this either on another partition of the drive, or another drive, if you have a spare around
that way, you can still access everything, and profit when needed from a fresh , fast , new OS

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HMCSAuthor Commented:
I do have an unused OEM copy and i could partition my hard drive since I have 352 GB free on that drive. I'd not thought of having a dual boot of Win 7 64 but but I know that is possible since at one time (when I had money) I had a computer with 2 drives and I made a quad boot of XP with 4 instances of XP on it. That was a custom computer which lasted 11 years and suddenly died one morning.

It is my intention to (one way or another) have windows 10 on this computer and my HP back up computer. I will be able in November or December to purchase a Win 10 install disk. The HP will get the "free" win 10 install however.

I really have no idea how this problem actually started since I think this was a problem which slowly crept up and became manifest when an installed program corrupted the drive (which still might be)  and caused the immediate signals to come to my attention.

But the dual boot idea I believe is a good one and is something which I will strongly consider after I have my 3 medical procedures done. These procedures will help me in more ways than one eventually and also might make it possible to take less medications.

I will shortly close out this question.
ok - i hope all goes well for you - and me
HMCSAuthor Commented:
I will be finishing up this question this weekend and awarding solutions & then closing out this question which BTW has no concrete solutions!
HMCSAuthor Commented:
After a long and arduous journey in dealing with this problem there was not a solution found to correct the problems encountered with the O/S.

Finally it was obvious that the O/S would need to be reinstalled and this is the only method to get around these fatal problems.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice! :-) I do hope this question will better help someone else with a similar problem!
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