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Cisco VPN MPLS Recommendation


I am looking for a bit of advice on the best hardware for an upcoming upgrade.  We currently have a WAN with 4 locations connected via MPLS.  The main office has a Cisco 2821 and the remote sites have Cisco 2801s.  The MPLS handoffs are T1s and so each 28xx has a DSU/CSU WIC.  We are planning on moving to a VPN over fiber infrastructure for primary connections to the main office, (the remote offices don't need to communicate with each other.) while keeping the MPLS at 1.5mbps as a failover network.  
We're are going to invest in new hardware, but after doing a bunch of web research I'm seeing conflicting opinions and statements.  So, my question is this:  

Is upgrading to Cisco 29XX with the security bundle and DSU/CSU card the best approach?  Or should I be looking into ISRs or ASAs?

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Thanks for the info.  I was thinking of 2901s for the remote sites and a 2911 or 2921 for the main office as all the remotes site connect there.  My vendor recommended ISR 4321s for all locations, but I'm not sure what the difference is.
The 4300/4400 ISR units are the latest generation of Cisco routers, but may be overkill for this application. Again, it depends on the bandwidth provisioning on the fibre connection.
After doing a bit more research, we are going the ISR 4321/4331 models.  The VPN bandwidth on them is much higher than the 29xx series.  Thanks for the help.