Adding new 2012 domain

I'm planning on adding a new 2012 domain but keeping the old 2003 domain  while migrating users and devices to new domain. We are running 2003 Exchange and understand can not join 2012 domain to 2003 domain running Exchange 2003.
Would like to verify I'm not missing something having separate 2012 domain and 2003 domains.
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Yes you can join a 2012 server to a 2003 domain but you have to install a 2008 server an raise the domain and forest functional level and then install the 2012 server.  I know this is possible as we have done it to migrate from 2003 to 2013 Exchange.  Should save a lot of work in place of migrating.
Just to add to the original comment.  We have also done this for migrating servers from 2003 to 2012.
gmason0735Author Commented:
I don't want to upgrade the 2003 domain to 2012. The 2012 domain will be new domain controller's. Once all users and PC;s joined to new domain wiil retire old 2003 domain controllers.  I just like second look that when the new 2012 domain controller come on line they can't affect the 2003 domain. Exchange 2003 will not work in 2012 domain so need both domains up while moving users to new 2012 domain. I know extra work but want a clean 2013 domain. I can't think of reason two domains can't be up at same time since they will be separate Forest
No worries, just wanted to be sure you knew you can do it.  Officially Microsoft won't support it, but you can put a 2012 controller on a 2008 domain and still run Exchange.  I only know this because we have 1 client that we had to make it happen to migrate their users.  Of course to Migrate Exchange I also had to install a 2010 server since 2003 - 2013 isn't support either....but I digress...

I you are planning on just running a new domain under 2012 then that should work just fine especially if there is no need for cross-communication between the two.  Just be sure only one or the other is handing out DHCP and setup DNS forwarders for the each of the domains on the other server.  This way you can still use any of the DNS servers to see the other domain (assuming your AD controllers do DNS as well).

If you need cross domain communication then you will have to setup a trust relationship between the two.  This is support (well it works - MS no longer supports 2003 so technically it isn't but you get the idea).  Reference here:

Let me know if would like or need any more specific information. The only gotcha is if both servers are doing DHCP.  The rest of it isn't an issue as both domains will see each other as separate networks even though they are the same IP scheme.

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gmason0735Author Commented:
I was pretty sure of the answer, but the tech answer was spot on and provided more detail then I expected. Great job and thanks!
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