Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard - Some Keys Don't Work

I've got a Bluetooth keyboard that has some keys that don't work.  Furmwaie is 0x0141according to the system info.

I've seen the other article suggesting the keyboard is simply toast, and it probably is.  but I'm running pre-release El Capitan.  Just curious if there are any mac-centric Experts who might have an idea on something to try.  I tried loading the 2.0 firmware, but i'm told there's a newer version installed.

Should I toss it or wait for the final release?
Sven MogelgaardAsked:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Hold down the shift key while booting the Mac to disable add-ons.  If the keyboard still has problems, its toast.
Unless it is a beta El Capitan problem. Will the keyboard work on a computer booting Yosemite?
Sven MogelgaardAuthor Commented:
Good comments both of you.  I tried the safe boot and connecting to a friend's Mac.  :ooks like it's an $80 paper weight.
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Did someone spill some liquid on it?  You might be able to open it and dry out the contacts.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Keyboards are like an electrical piece of graph paper except they are not laid out using adjacent keys.  It may be A->C->D->Y->J->O, for example, as one of the traces.  Spills or static zaps may break one or more of the circuits for that row or column.  Once it gets zapped, the keyboard id toast.
Since sugar can act as a dielectric, you can try running a lot of water to rinse the keyboard (with the batteries removed!!!), wrapping it in a towel, banging it on a pillow to knock most of the water out, and then letting it dry for two days; but, historically, these days, its a 10% shot.....

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They usually have 3 layers, a top trace layer, a bottom trace layer and a middle insulating layer.  If you can pull it open, you can clean them.  It's all up to how much time you want to spend or waste on it.  However it looks like you have to melt the glue and warp/destroy the backing.  That's one of the major drawbacks of a lot of Apple hardware.  They're designed for throwing away, not for repair.

Here's an older one teardown, but it should be mostly identical.
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