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I have a Javascript that is looping through a table's rows.  One of table cells (TD) contains a date.   Here's a sample:

<td class="ms-cellstyle ms-vb2"><span class="ms-noWrap" title="10/30/2015">10/30/2015</span></td>

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I have a variable named "col_date" which needs contain just the date (10/30/2015).

var col_date = row.cells[suspense_date_column].innerHTML;

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Right now col_date contains the whole  
<span class="ms-noWrap" title="10/30/2015">10/30/2015</span>

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.  How can I return just the date without the span tag?

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Maybe this:
var col_date = row.cells[suspense_date_column].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].innerHTML;

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use the innerText or textContent property rather than innerHTML.

Not all browsers support both innerText and textContent but all browsers should support at least one or the other.
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+1 for Tom`s solution

Question: the HTML of the cell looks like a SharePoint generated table (at least the class names do :-))

Why dont you use jQuery?

Alternative solution:
var col_date = row.cells[suspense_date_column].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].getAttribute("title"); 

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Thanks, both solutions are perfect. Appreciate the help!

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