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Prevent data from being shared between brower tabs

Your help is needed

I have an application that is currenly sharing data when the customer switches from one tab to another. How can I prevent this becasue they application is designed to delete records. So when the customer has multiple tabs open on a browser, The wrong data is deleted. is this a problem of clearing the cashe or major surgery
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Julian Hansen
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Sounds like a surgeon is needed. Without knowing more about the app it sounds like it has not been designed with Idempotence in mind
With functionality like deleting records you want to make sure that opening new pages, re-submitting data, refreshing a page does not result in undesirable side effects.

Best way forward - address the design issues that are allow this to happen.
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yes I agree but my clients are not that savy, My help desk is getting call after call for rollbacks. Here is an example of the problem

1) open a tab and type in "blue"
2) open another tab and type in "yellow"
3) switch back to the first tab and it says "yellow" remember it should say "blue"
That is a design issue - but I am not sure that it is wrong.

Can you post more information about the process you describe above. For instance - when blue is typed in tab 1 - is a button pressed to commit the change or is it dynamically updating?

The way I see it - if you change a record in one window - you would want to see that change reflected in any other windows that have that record open. Consider the alternative

1. Enter blue in tab 1
2. Enter yellow in tab 2
3. Go back to tab 1 - still says blue - you now have a conflict - if you commit the blue - what happens to the yellow - who wins?

Without knowing more about your application, how it works and what it is you are expecting it to do difficult to call this one.
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I found a better solution. change the property from session state to view state