VMware Shared Nothing VMotion Storage CPU Compatibility Issue...without resorting to Cluster EVC

Hi, I have enable VMotion on our Management VKernal interface, yeah I know, not a great idea, but maybe not apocalyptic.  But we only have a 1 GB switch, so I am not sure how segregating networking virtually would help that, aside from maybe allowing you to manage things via two unique traffic shaping settings.  Anyway, I am not knowledgeable enough about this as of yet.

My current issue is, I have tried to initiate a "shared nothing" live migration of a non important VM from one non important host to another using the web interface (for whatever reason the client cant do this in 5.5).  And, I am encountering the following hard stop alerts.  "the virtual machine requires hardware features that are unsupported or disabled on the target host sse4.1 sse4.2".

So this is a CPU architecture thing, which is fine, but the only solution to this is to escalate to more complexity (I don't want or need to yet).  I need to create a "Cluster" which is used for HA and DRS, (which again I don't want do deal with right now) and configure it for EVC and then add the hosts into this.  

Is there a way to simply configure the particular VM to have a compatible CPU architecture, such that this alert goes away?  Without having to escalate up the chain to host level reconfigurations, or even higher abstract virtualized buckets.  In Hyper-v, you can just migrate a VM.  Sometimes, you need to flip a CPU compatibility radio button somewhere in the GUI at the VM level, but other than that, it's a non issue.

Thanks for any help or insight that you can offer into this, it is appreciated.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
as for separating onto a different network, it is as easy as, create a new vswitch, create a new VMKernel Portgroup, give it a private IP Address, e.g. 172.162.x.x. or 10.10., do the same on both servers, and run across the same switch.....

better than nothing...

vSphere \client cannot do it, because it's a version 10 feature, and version 10 features are not supported on the vSphere client (VMware want us to switch and use the web Client, so they can discontinue development of vSphere Client c#, so no more new features!)

The issue you are experiencing, is because of Migrating a Live VM, between Host CPUs with different generations, VMware virtual machines actually touch and use the Host Processor, it's not emulated.

e.g. the VM is using features on the Host CPU, on Host Server A, which are not available on Host Server B.

so, the VM cannot be Live Migrated....

EVC - Enhanced Compatibility Mode, is the very simple method to create a baseline to help.....

see here



Are you hosts using different generation of processors ?

The other method, is to go back years before we had EVC, and manually, create yourself, your own CPU Mask, for ALL your VMs, so they use the same CPU features across all hosts.

see here



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CnicNVAuthor Commented:
This is great, thanks a lot:-)

Sorry for the delay in awarding points, got a bit busy.
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