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Extracting time as a string from datetime field

I am writing a query to pull data from one table and write it to another in SQL Server 2008.
On one datetime field in the first table I want to write only the time portion to the second table as nvarchar(8) data.
For example, the field in the first table contains "1/1/1900 1:41:33 PM".  I want to write it to the second table as "13:41:33".
Can someone show me how to do this?
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Jim Horn
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Perfect.  Thank You.
You are still depending on system defaults for the format with that approach, this stipulates hh:mm:ss

         select  convert(varchar(8), GETDATE(),108)

see: SQL Server Date Styles (formats) using CONVERT()
e.g. if you needed milliseconds use style 114