External Sql Statements in C#

We have a C# application, for some reasons i wont go into we are unable to use Entity Framework.

That being said I still prefer to have parameterized sql statements external from my application code, especially the large ones.  For most small CRUD based options I have just written a simple class to map the objects etc.  

What would be the best way to externalize the sql queries but still allow some dynamic parameters, Ill provide a simple example here

StringBuilder x = new StringBuilder();
x.AppendFormat("select * from Customers where CustomerId = {0}", this.CustomerId);
// the problem with the above is the sql is written into the application code, i want to store the sql portion somewhere external in a .txt or property file

So is there a way where the query would be in a different file like

select * from Customers where CustomerId = {0} // maybe file is called sql1.txt

and then you would load the sql from a seperate file

using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("sql1.txt"))
                StringBuilder x = new StringBuilder();
                x.appendFormat(sr.ReadToEnd(), this.CustomerId);

Basically i would like to follow the approach of keeping all sql seperate like i read here

Externalizing SQL has key benefits for the administrators (DBAs) whose primary language is SQL, not Java. Having SQL in a form close to SQL allows them to understand what each query is doing and suggest changes more easily if necessary. Storing the SQL in strings, or fluent libraries, locks the SQL away from the DBAs making it harder to have discussions and more difficult to change.

However i would not have completely static sql files so I would still need somehow to dynamically populate the elements
Brant SnowAsked:
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Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Have you considered using parameterized stored procedures?
Brant SnowAuthor Commented:
I have not Russ, could you offer some more information on parameterized stored procedures on sql server databases?
Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
SQL Server has built-in support for parameterized stored procedures that can easily be called directly from ASP.NET.


The stored procedures live within the database along with the tables. They have numerous advantages over direct queries. Two of the most notable advantages are performance optimization and protection against SQL injection attack (if implemented properly).

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