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General TLD question

So I've got a couple of apps I'm going to be releasing soon.  They're intended to be mobile-only - although I do see a possible need to develop a generic website to host some basic info on (and also to serve as the database domain for the apps/etc).

Emotionally - I kinda want a domain - but the pickin's are slim and I'd have to ruin the name to a degree that it would be unrecognizable as being tied to the app name(s) I've chosen.  I can, however, go the route - and pick something like a .us or .mobi or any of the other variants out there.

Technically - there's no reason for me to stick with a  But - since I *am* going to develop a landing page/privacy policy page/ there any reason you can think of where I might want to stay away from the bunch?  Are there any possible SEO ramifications that you're aware of/etc?

Thanks in advance!  Just throwin' it out there!
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That was my thought as well.  I'm just a little conflicted because I'm not really trying to direct people to "the website".  In a sense - it's sort of an afterthought.  But - it should be a well conceived afterthought.  Thanks for the input!  :)