Running adprep gpprep after AD upgrade from 2003 to 2012

We have an old AD 2003 Forest that we want to upgrade to 2012.  It is a relatively small environment but vital none the less.  I know that the 2012 upgrade process is straightforward and the Adprep will automatically run during a Role-based or feature-based installation.  However, as I understand the 'adprep /domainprep /gpprep' does not run since it is not part of the automated process.  

I don't think gpprep was ever run in this environment in the past so can I run gpprep after I have completed the domain upgrade process from 2003 to 2012?  Are there any ramifications if I do so?

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Here is the process to upgrade to the 2012 AD you will just need to put in place a 2012 server.

Run adprep /forestprep then adprep /domainprep then adprep /gpprep from the 2012 ISO Support folder.  

Add Active Directory Role to the 2012 server.    You Groups, OU, Users and DNS should now be replicated on the 2012 server as well.

Make sure you transfer the FSMO Role to the new 2012 from the 2003.

Then run DCPROMO on 2003 to demote it.
The question on if the /gpprep will have any ramifications.  No.  all it does is update the permissions of the GPO.  It's optional to run, but recommended.   It just to ensure that the new domain controller has permissions to the GPO.
sagdocAuthor Commented:
I was really wondering if I could run it after the promotion to 2012.
You should run the adprep32.exe before. You can run it after, but you will still need to run it on the master DC which will likely still be the 2003.
Make sure. The sysvol/netlogon are present on the 2012 before doing any changes.
There is no need to rush.

File server services for windows 2003 to include the frs components which 2012 will need to replicate the sysvol.

Also before joining the 2012, make sure your 2003 is not having a journaling problem of the sysvol volume.  The error includes the instructions to the fix. Registry key/value set to auto correct the issue, make sure to revert as recommended in the error.

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First do you have windows 2003 32 bit/64 bit edition DC. Where your FSMO role lies.

From Windows 2012 the adprep runs automatically when you do DCpromo. If you really want run adprep before in windows 2003 you need to copy the Support tools from Windows 2012 ISO which will contain adprep.exe(64bit) and adprep32.exe (32bit version) and run the adprep /forestprep /domaiprep
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