remote debugger for .NET? Should i install something on the remote server?


I need to do remote debugging on a server that I am not admin. The owners of the server don't want me to install Visual Studio on that server. Any painless way to handle this?

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An efficient and less invasive way to do remote debugging is to improve your logging. You don't really need to connect Visual Studio to the remote machine. Add enough logging to your application and it will help you to get a very good view into what is going on there.

A good logger for .NET is log4net (

1 - It's easy to add to your solution (via Nuget)
2 - It will log a lot of details about the exception
3 - It can write to a text file OR send the logs to a UDP port
4 - You can use a tool like Log2Console to vierw the logs and see what is happening internally in the system in real time (
5 - Log2Console gives you a really nice view into your application with excellent filters and stuff.
jazzIIIloveAuthor Commented:

I have extensive logging on the server. My question is about rather live debugging.

Ah I see. Though with the right logging, you generally reduce the need to attach the debugger to a remote process. Anyways, there are restrictions listed here Remote Debugging Under Another User Account. The page lists the different security related constraints applied to remote debugging and suggests a registry change (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Machine Debug Manager\AllowLaunchAsOtherUser) that one can make to enable the debugging.

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