connecting to shopify via visual basic

Hi, I would like to connect my visual basic application to shopify but, after reading their documentation, I'm really confused about how to do it, can someone point me in the right direction?
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Will this ( help?

Where exactly is your confusion?
Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
Shopify does not offer much documentation, I was not sure if I was better with oauth2 (which I'm not sure what it is) or .NET and I was having a hard time getting an example on how to use the API.  

There is the ZIP file at which is the shopify API library and the only link offered by shopify but when I open it with visual studio 2013, I'm getting an error saying that it can't load samplewebapp and can't migrate.

I was also wondering, in many web Platform that I have programmed in the past, there was alway's a way to communicate via an XML file sent to a specific address, I'm not sure if shopify offers this since I saw on a web page XML coding.
Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
Hi MlandaT, I have tried the sample code that was in the link you provided, I was able to get a list of products or customers, next step is to create and modify a product, I'll take a look a the API Library to see if there's something I can grab there.
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Brilliant! Glad to see you are making headway. I'm not a Shopify developer myself, so cannot really help you further :(
Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
I was able to move forward using the small incomplete example shown on that web page but there is a command that is not accepted by c#, it is the commande line:


Can someone tell me what this could be based on the code seen on that web page?    It seems to be a command to go to a url.
Shopify use OAuth ( That redirect is a redirect from your application to the Shopify Authentication page, this page will need to know how to get back to your application once the user has given the necessary authorisations
Uri returnURL = new Uri("");

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. A full discussion of OAuth is lengthy. I'll refer you to Google (though this might also help explain the workflow:

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Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
Thank you MLanda, the problem I'm experiencing is that c# (visual studio 2013) doesn't recognize the redirect command and won't compile, maybe I'm missing a Library or something.

I'll take a look at the documentation about Oauth.
If yours is a web application, that would be Response.Redirect instead of just Redirect. However, if it's not a web application, gets trickier.
Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
After talking to a friend, he saw that the exemple is not a very good one, we decided to code our own .NET API solution and start from scratch a much simpler version.    Best advice is to use the shopify documentation on objects even though there is no code example instead of relying to the code on github.
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