Coldfusion 9 find web address in string and change it to html hyperlink

Coldfusion 9 find web address in text string and change it to html hyperlink.
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Can you give an example of the actual "string" and the expected output?
smares323Author Commented:
smares323Author Commented:
coldfusion findnocase web address in text string and replace with <a href="web address">web address</a>
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Right, but are you searching for only "" - or do you want to find any URL, like find "http://",, etc... ? If you're trying to find any URL, you'll need to use a Regex. That's which not my area of expertise.  

Not sure if you can modify the question to add topics. If not, submit a "Request for Attention" and ask a moderator to add the regex topic to the question.
smares323Author Commented:
Find any url in the text string,
Ok.  Unfortunately, regex's aren't my strong suit.  I submitted a "Request for a Attention" and asked the mods to add that zone to your question to attract answers from a regex expert.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
you can try this:

this is what exactly you want
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
do read the comments also, regex option is also provided
smares323Author Commented:
None of the examples are working.
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
here is an example how to do it using the library

function ActivateURL(string) {
	var nextMatch = 1;
	var objMatch = "";
	var outstring = "";
	var thisURL = "";
	var thisLink = "";
	var	target = IIf(arrayLen(arguments) gte 2, "arguments[2]", DE(""));
	var paragraph = IIf(arrayLen(arguments) gte 3, "arguments[3]", DE("false"));
	do {
		objMatch = REFindNoCase("(((https?:|ftp:|gopher:)\/\/)|(www\.|ftp\.))[-[:alnum:]\?%,\.\/&##!;@:=\+~_]+[A-Za-z0-9\/]", string, nextMatch, true);
		if (objMatch.pos[1] GT nextMatch OR objMatch.pos[1] EQ nextMatch) {
			outString = outString & Mid(String, nextMatch, objMatch.pos[1] - nextMatch);
		} else {
			outString = outString & Mid(String, nextMatch, Len(string));
		nextMatch = objMatch.pos[1] + objMatch.len[1];
		if (ArrayLen(objMatch.pos) GT 1) {
			// If the preceding character is an @, assume this is an e-mail address
			// (for addresses like
			if (Compare(Mid(String, Max(objMatch.pos[1] - 1, 1), 1), "@") NEQ 0) {
				thisURL = Mid(String, objMatch.pos[1], objMatch.len[1]);
				thisLink = "<A HREF=""";
				switch (LCase(Mid(String, objMatch.pos[2], objMatch.len[2]))) {
					case "www.": {
						thisLink = thisLink & "http://";
					case "ftp.": {
						thisLink = thisLink & "ftp://";
				thisLink = thisLink & thisURL & """";
				if (Len(Target) GT 0) {
					thisLink = thisLink & " TARGET=""" & Target & """";
				thisLink = thisLink & ">" & thisURL & "</A>";
				outString = outString & thisLink;
				// String = Replace(String, thisURL, thisLink);
				// nextMatch = nextMatch + Len(thisURL);
			} else {
				outString = outString & Mid(String, objMatch.pos[1], objMatch.len[1]);
	} while (nextMatch GT 0);
	// Now turn e-mail addresses into mailto: links.
	outString = REReplace(outString, "([[:alnum:]_\.\-]+@([[:alnum:]_\.\-]+\.)+[[:alpha:]]{2,4})", "<A HREF=""mailto:\1"">\1</A>", "ALL");
	if (paragraph) {
		outString = ParagraphFormat(outString);
	return outString;


<cfset str = "Hello friends, here i am doing a work where i am trying to and checking and if i can open where is opening or not. i found one website which is for coupons when you shop online so was trying if i can use that to use it here">


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