Updating GL00100 account segments to inactive "0" and USERDEF2 to 'AllExclude'

I am looking to perform a mass update of GL accounts that need to be marked inactive ( all three segments) and USERDEF2 marked as 'AllExclude'

I would like to get this scripted so that it becomes a routine I can run as needed.

Unfortunately GL00100 is comprised of multiple segments (ACTNUMBR_1, 2, 3 . . .), our GL accounts have three segments so I ran the following to update by range ( I sorted the ranges for each segment in Excel and added a comma at the end of each )

       update gl00100 set active=0 where actnumbr_3= ' range of segments'

While I was able to run this and it worked I do however need to update one more field USERDEFINED2, I am not sure fo the most efficient way to do this as

ACTNUMBR 1, 2 & 3 are not unique, I am not sure the best means to update the 300 accounts to 'AllExclude".

Could someone lend me a hand, I'm almost there.
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manelson05Author Commented:
I have cobbled this together for one test case, it does work however is there a way to pass the data from each Excel column to SQL or am I going to have to manually copy and past all the data for each ACTNUMBR?

update GL00100 set USERDEF2 ='AllExclude'
      where ACTNUMBR_1 ='0536'
      and ACTNUMBR_2 ='40108'
            and ACTNUMBR_3 = '00000'
manelson05Author Commented:
Can I use a temp table and upload the data to the table for future use? If I could go this route then I could run an integration from Excel and have the user upload the data to the temp table then simply run the script.

Would this work?
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
What are you starting with, a list of the full account numbers? If so, get them into a list with commas, for example: ('111-2222-333','222-4444-333','333-5555-666')
then you use the following code, replace YourListofAccounts with the comma delimited list of the full account numbers:
update GL00100
set ACTIVE = 0,
USERDEF2 = 'AllExclude' 
where ACTINDX in
 select ACTINDX from GL00105 where
 ACTNUMST in (YourListofAccounts)

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manelson05Author Commented:

The excel sheet I was given has all the accounts broken out by segments.
I am going to try this as the GL00105 lists the actual full account and you are using ACTINDX to do so.

Thank you, I will post back my results later today.

manelson05Author Commented:
I just tried this code with the full accounts with commas:

update GL00100
set ACTIVE = 0,
USERDEF2 = 'AllExclude'
where ACTINDX in
 select ACTINDX from GL00105 where

This is the error  I just received, strange account number thrown up as this is not among my entries.

Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '6001-40105-01133
manelson05Author Commented:
I added the apostrophes and it ran fine
Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP ConsultantCommented:
Yep, since the account number is a string, you always need the single quotes around it. :-)
manelson05Author Commented:
Very helpful and helped me to not over complicate my solution. Victorias code is cleaner than mine and this shows her years of experience.

Thank you Victoria! I appreciate you!

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