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Fax Line Issue - Dial Tone Operator

Help me think this through....

We have a fax machine that is attached to Line 2 to through a ComSwitch 5500 fax switch.

About 20 times a day the dial tone sounds from the fax machine and operator: "If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try your call again..." sounds UNDER the dial tone.

It's like something intermittently is picking up the line,

Faxes are being received and sent through that line without issue.

Where could the issue be coming from?  The ComSwitch defective?   The Fax Machine defective?
Why would there be a dial tone AND an operator message simultaneously?

This has to be something simple that I am missing.   Do I need to time travel to 1988 and find a fax-machine specialist?

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Mark Bullock
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Is there a fax stuck in the send queue which has an invalid phone number?
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This was the exact solution.  Malfunctioning fax switch.