Assume I have LAN IP

How can I find out the AD user name based on IP address?
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tracert <- should show you path and resolve hostname
nbtstat -a <- NetBios data of host
if reverse lookup zone is created you can use
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
IMPO, i don't think the above methods could help you trace an IP back to the associated user name in AD.

below is some kind of official way to do that.

IP Address Tracking
I've got a Powershell script that (assuming you have permissions) will advise of the currently logged on user at a machine?

Find currently logged on user for a given IP / machine name


.PARAMETER machine
 Enter machine to connect to and retrieve logged on user



trap {
  write-host "Error connecting to $machine" -fore red
  write-host ""

if ($machine -eq $null) # If no server location given
	write-host ""
	$machine = read-host "Enter PC name or IP to read logged on user: "  #Request machine to check
 if (test-connection $machine -quiet -count 2) #If machine responds to any of 2 ICMP pings
	$user = (gwmi -ea stop -computer $machine -class win32_computerSystem).username
	<#if ($err) #Request admin details to try again
		write-host $Err[0] -Foregroundcolor Red
		write-host " "
		write-host "Enter admin credentials (Domain\Username) to try again: "
		$creds = get-credential
		$user = (gwmi -credential $creds -ErrorVariable Err -ea stop -computer $machine -class win32_computerSystem).username
	write-host ""
	write-host "User currently logged onto $machine is $user"
	write-host ""
 else #Machine did not respond to ping
	write-host "$machine did not respond to ping connection test" -Foregroundcolor Red
	write-host ""

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bbao is right, what I wrote won't help.
I did not read question well, I thought solution is for computer name not user name.
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
If You are admin and the computer is a domain mamber just simply:

1. nslookup IP_ADDRESS       ->  result is your computername
2. go \\computername\c$\Users     -> users who loged in to the computer
ITsolutionWizardAuthor Commented:
how can i get list of pc name, ad name in that pc, and ip address?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> how can i get list of pc name, ad name in that pc, and ip address?

if you are talking about alive Windows PCs only, you may use NET VIEW to list the computers in your current domain or workgroup.

to list user names on a specific computer, use NET USER command.

and for ip address? just PING the computer name! :)


Displays a list of domains, computers, or resources that are being shared by the specified computer. Used without parameters, net view displays a list of computers in your current domain.

How to Generate a List of Users
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Another option might be to install a WINS server.  Windows clients register user names as well as machine names on a WINs server. All versions of Windows Server from NT4 to 2012R2 include it.

Once machines and users are registered, it is easy to look up a user based on an IP address in the console.
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