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GRE TUNNEL Recursive error

hi guys

i hope you are doing well

i am preparing for ccie exam using INE topology v5 , now i am stuck at the GRE Tunnel Recursive  error , i applied access-list and then ip prefix-list to solve the issue of the Recursive  , but it is not solved , the tunnel keep getting up and then get down , both the configuration and topology are in the attachment .

i am trying to do GRE tunnel between R4 and R8

can you  please advise what ip prefix list i should applied to solve the issue ,  i treid too much things but it didnt solve the issue

the error massage is below :

*Aug 27 08:20:25.103: %ADJ-5-PARENT: Midchain parent maintenance for IP midchain out of Tunnel100 - looped chain attempting to stack
*Aug 27 08:20:30.023: %TUN-5-RECURDOWN: Tunnel100 temporarily disabled due to recursive routing
*Aug 27 08:20:30.027: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Tunnel100, changed state to down
*Aug 27 08:20:30.031: %DUAL-5-NBRCHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 1: Neighbor (Tunnel100) is down: interface down
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Predrag Jovic
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My guess is that as soon as EIGRP learns route to reach other side of tunnel through  EIGRP, metric looks better than using physical interface. So, when route through tunnel is inserted in routing table - tunnel collapses.
Possible solutions (if my assumption is correct)
- create static route (better AD) to other side of tunnel (on both routers) that point through physical interface
- make route through tunnel looks worse to reach other side of tunnel (you could use offset list - to make cost through tunnel worse than through physical interface)
- make in EIGRP - passive-interface tunnel 100
I guess you should also include no auto-summary in EIGRP (both sides now advertise
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Great. I did not notice that prefix is missing, and to be honest I would miss it again. When added it finally stopped advertisement of tunnel destination network through tunnel.
This is already my knowledgebase.
Thank you.
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the problem has been solved
many thanks for you Predrag
the commend change solve the issue