Help needed on AX 2009 development

I need some guidance on how to compile and implement small changes to some classes in AX 2009. I'm completely familar with how to use AX, but am not familar with how use the development tools. For instance when I find a class that I want to make changes to, I make those changes, save it, compile it with no errors, but the changes do not appear to occur to the system. Anyone out there want to help?
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Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:

might need abit more information, what is the change you are trying to do?? what code have you changed??

is this a production system??


larcyAuthor Commented:
No its a test system, I would want to get it working there first before trying it on a production system!

I have edited one word in a text string that is output in a class

so for example instead of

str body = 'Please find xyz';

the line is now

str body = 'Please find abc';

The issue is I do not know/understand how to save and compile this, or at least when I do it does not change the behaviour of the sytsem, and when I log out and log back into AX, it seems to have forgotten about the edit altogether

many thanks
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
ok you might just need to forward compile the class, are inheritance\extend might be the issue.

right click on the class go to add in -> compile forward

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Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
when you say forgotten do you mean your code change has gone from the system??
larcyAuthor Commented:
re> when you say forgotten do you mean your code change has gone from the system??

Yes, disappeared altogether

What does "Compile forward" do?
larcyAuthor Commented:
I don't have compile forward on the add-in menu?
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
ahh you might not have the license to do X++ internally, in AX2009 you had to buy this, in AX2012 you get everything, go to administration

do you have

larcyAuthor Commented:
No we don't, just checked. Would this cause this sympton, i.e apparently compilign and saving o.k with no error messages, but then just not doing it?

many thanks
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
it will not allow the change to be saved.
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
without that license you can not save changes to x++ don't think its expensive
larcyAuthor Commented:
Any idea how much, and how you go about buying it (i.e can you get it direct from microsoft)

many thanks
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
I think about 7500 euros, this is done through your partner normally, do you have a partner?
larcyAuthor Commented:
Bit of a complex answer that one. In summary, no we don't have a partner. Would need to email or message if more info was needed as not suitable for public forum

Was I doing the correct thing though, i.e save it, compile , and then it should work. I don't need to worry about layers or anything

many thanks
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
yes you are correct, feel free to email if you need help with licensing
larcyAuthor Commented:
O.K. Many thanks. You've been very helpful
Damon ReptonOwner\DirectorCommented:
No worries don't forget to mark this as solved or will sit open

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