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I am facing a slight dilemma and thought I would see if I could get a weigh in from the experts.  I have a building complex that each area is currently supplied internet by an individual internet connection at each site.  Likewise, each site has it's own network segment so they can be VPN'd together.  For Example, site 1 IP 192.168.55.x, site 2 IP: 192.168.65.x ect.  I have a project going to connect all sites together via microwave wireless forming a single LAN network.

Moving forward I would like to maintain the IP scheme for clarity on where a device is located by IP however I want to leverage the fact that they are all on a single LAN.

Option 1: open up the subnet so the networks can talk to each other without routers.
Option2: Place a routing device at each location to handle the routing.

Obviously, there are positives and negatives to both so I wanted to see if anyone has any really strong argument for one over another.

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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
Ok so here are a couple of questions that would drive my answers...

Are we only talking about 5 users in one build and 2 in the other.. if so just bridge them together no big deal..    but you said building complex which usually means a little more than that.  

I would not recommend collapsing things down to a single vlan.  The mgmt advantage of having the two different networks is a convenience.  You know where a device is located instantly by seeing the IP address.

If you collapse them into one subnet, all broadcasts will now flow over that microwave wireless link.  

This could be as simple as layer 3 switches at each location, and the you basically set up a layer 3 port on each switch on the same /30 subnet.  The wireless link is connected between these two subnets.  At that point you could consolidate your internet service as well.

Things always change.. down the road you may want to add more subnets for different functions.  VOIP - now you need more vlans, oh you want a separate guest wireless network, new vlan, etc..   If you are routing between the buildings that gives you the manageability and the flexibility as you grow.

Again, if we are talking just a handful of devices - its not gonna matter.

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CowabungaDudeAuthor Commented:
There are not a huge number of users at each location mo so devices.  There are a total of 9 sites each only using around 50 IP's or so.  My goal is to consolidate to a single internet connection that all sites will utilize via the wireless.  

You make many great points about the manageability of the network by putting layer 3 switches in at each site.
Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
If there are 9 sites i would definitely route between them all.  So not sure how your wireless backbone infrastructure will look - but microwave is usually point to point.   So I am going to assume there will be many microwave links between different locations.  I would use /30 subnets on the point to point links and route everything.  You definitely don't want a single flat network across 9 locations.
CowabungaDudeAuthor Commented:
The microwave is point to point.  
Thanks for the feedback!  If anyone else wants to weigh in as well I would love to hear it, but the solution suggested is the direction I was leaning.
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