Multiple data sources in Oracle SQL Query

In the following query, and  I am able to successfully pull all the necessary information in sql developer.
I would like to pull some information from another table in another database.

SELECT usr.user_id,,
FROM MSCM.default_user_location_type dfl,
     MSCM.users usr,
     MSCM.location loc,
     MSCM.location_type lty
WHERE usr.USER_ID = dfl.user_id (+)
AND   dfl.location_type_id = lty.location_type_id
AND   dfl.location_id = loc.location_id
--AND   usr.emp_id_varchar = '20771'

ORDER BY usr.user_id,

I tried adding the following code in the from section, but it didn't work.
PROD.Employee emp

Any suggestions on how I can get this to work?


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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
You can only query one database at a time.

What you need to do is create a database link in the database that you are querying from.  Then you can use that to reference the table in the other database.

Something like:

Employee@PROD emp

Documentation for database links is here ->

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I see a logic flaw in your query, and I have a question.  First, the question when you say "another table in another database" do you use the word "database" there with the meaning that this word has in an Oracle context, or do you use it with the meaning that is has in SQL Server?  The word "database" has different meanings in these two systems.  What is called a "database" in SQL server is usually called a "schema" in Oracle.  The suggestion from johnsone assumes that you used this word with the meaning it usually has in Oracle.  But, you did not indicate how this table should be related to the other tables in your query.

Now, the logic flaw: Your "where" clause contains one outer-join line:
"usr.USER_ID = dfl.user_id (+)"
but this same table (dfl) is joined to two other tables with no outer join operator.  That is inconsistent.  Because, if there really are missing records in this table (and you need the outer join to make sure that records from the usr table are included anyway) there is no way that the missing record(s) will have values that match the value in these other two tables.  Or conversely, if the records exist to match the value in the other two tables, then you don't need the outer join operator on that first "where" clause line.
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