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Samsung Tablet Failing To Start

I'm trying to help the granddaughter of a coworker who is crying because her tablet won't start and her mother can't afford a new one. I know very little about tablets. She's obviously dropped it as there is a major network of cracks over about 1/3 of the left side. But she claims it had been working fine until last night. When I plug it into my UPS and press what I believe to be the On button (top left) a battery icon appears, repeatedly loads 5 stages of gold colored charges and then eventually either goes Off or to a sleep state. When I press the On button the battery icon appears again, continuing to seem to be loading a charge. I will let it remain for an hour or so. Appreciate any help to stop her tears. :)
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Forgot to mention the model number is GT-P51132W (Made in Vietnam),
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How old is the tablet?
It may be possible to replace or repair it under warranty.
Breakage caused by dropped tablets will hardly be covered by warranty.

Try pressing the power on/off button for more than 8 seconds. That should reset it.

You could also try a system recovery, but that will delete all data from it. How that is done is explained on page 21 of the manual, which is in the link below:
After returning from lunch, I was able to turn it on and have it start the OS. I connected to our WiFi and all seemed OK. Grandpa gave me more info in that the little user had been complaining that it was slow on the Internet and freezing at websites, etc. I opened and attempted videos and got only a gray screen with a tiny icon in the middle (leading me to think software is missing or corrupted). I also suspect malware but I have no idea if software like Malwarebytes or ComboFix can be run on tablets? Nor how to update the browser.
The apps should be upgraded via the Play Store. There is no malwarebytes for android as far as I know. Lookout is a good app for making an android device more secure and check for viruses etc.

Video output depends on what the site uses. Flash player for example isn't officially supported by adobe for android anymore, but google's chrome browser might use it's own pepperflash although I don't know if that works on android. Many site that have multimedia content have special android apps you can use to display that content properly.
In checking the Data Usage App I learned that the user is about 90% on YouTube, and that site is working fine. And I've also learned the real issue may be the battery.
The Battery App is telling me that it's not being charged. I learned that Walmart no longer stocks the adapter (easiest thing to try first). I'll try Best Buy, although this wide connector (similar in size to my iPhone 4, almost an inch wide) is possibly no longer sold at retail.
I'm open to any other battery charging ideas. I also don't understand how it can even start up and show 32% battery charge if the adapter is not working.
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For the record, I aerated all connections clean, charged it to 100% overnight and returned it to the little girl. If she doesn't return it within a few days I'll give you the points for assisting. Remind me.
It's still failing to hold a charge. She's been told to ask Santa for a new one. So, I'm giving you the points for helping out and finding what is likely the cause.