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Post XML -Request/Reponse program

I apologize in advance for my lack of understanding of this topic. I hope this question will assist me in defining a framework on how to accomplish the task described below.

For this project a windows forms application will be created. The user will select an excel file. The program will create an XML file from the Excel file. The XML file must be POSTED though a Request to remote web site. The program must remain active until it receives and process the Response.

I am not sure where to start with my questions. So in no particular order:
1. Will I have to create a Windows IIS server? Can this be accomplished without IIS on a local workstation if the appropriate firewall changes are configured?
2. If I have to create an IIS server, how would the windows Forms program on the workstation communicate with another program (which I would have to also create I guess) on the web server? Would I create and install a DLL on the IIS server for the workstation to use?
3. I program in Visual Basic 2013, can you point me to any thorough tutorials for Request/Response code?

Another way to ask this question would be, how would you accomplish the task of having a user select an Excel file, process that file into XML and run a Request/Response session.

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Gautham Janardhan,
Thank you. I am glad I do not have to install an IIS server. I will post at least two more questions now that I have a direction.
And I apologize for the slow response. I have been working a lot.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.