Adding First Windows Server 2012 DC to 2008 Domain

Greetings. I'm refining some previous questions that have been answered pretty well.

I'll be introducing our first Windows Server 2012 as a DC in our Windows 2008 functional level (both forest and domain) domain.

My first questions is:
We are running Functional Level Windows Server 2008 (both forest and domain).  Is there any reason to upgrade it to Functional Level Windows Server 2008 R2 prior to doing the adprep /forestprep on the domain ?  At some point in the future, I'll retire all 2008 R2 DCs and just have 2012, but for now we won't be moving to functional level 2012.

Remaining question(s).  These are the chronological steps I have to introduce the 2012 server and promote it.  Are they essentially correct ?
1. Run "adprep /forestprep" from the Windows 2012 media.
2. Run "adprep /domainprep" from the Windows 2012 media.
3. Add Roles from new Windows 2012 Server.  "Active Directory Domain Services".
4. Do not initially check "DNS" as a role, as that's checked under "Domain Controller Options" along with Global Catalog.
5. Replicate from any domain controller (or the current one with all roles ?).
6. After replication completes, move FSMO roles (all 5) to new DC.

Sound about right ?
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Is there any reason to upgrade it to Functional Level Windows Server 2008 R2....

you can't raise the functional level to anything higher than your lowest version
if you have mixed 2008/2012 domain controllers, you can't raise the level above 2008
once all the 2008 domain controllers are gone, then you can raise to 2012

Are they essentially correct ?

omit steps 1 & 2 as the wizard will automatically extend the schema; no need to do manually
you can replicate from any domain controller, though it prefers one in the same AD site if possible
yes, if replication is working fine, you can move the fsmo roles

if the old server is going away, also make sure to change any statically assigned systems to use the new server for dns and update any dhcp scope(s) to use the new dns servers

once the fsmo roles are moved, if they are all going on the same server (or if separated, the one holding the pdc emulator role), make sure it is configured as the domain time server

How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows Server

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lapavoniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clarification, Seth.  Incidentally, we are at "2008" functional level.  Both our existing domain controllers are 2008 R2.  My question was really referring to any advantages of moving from functional level 2008 to functional level 2008 R2. It seems there aren't too many schema changes between the two, but I've read something about the AD Recycle Bin being easier to use. I have a utility that automatically backs up AD, so that's really not a pressing issue.
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