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Outlook 2010 - Calendar Sharing


I am looking for to create a new calendar for sharing with my colleagues at work and we don’t currently have a “shared” calendar that this could go from and sending it from . Also, the shared calendar should be between 4 people where they could be able to have full access right and receive alerts from this calendar as a normal sharing one.

After creation l would like to give ownership to one of the users to be in control of this shared calendar.

This calendar should do the following tasks, from which invitations to (for example) the following meetings would be sent:

-      Monthly staff meetings
-      LT / ELT Quarterly / Annual / Other high-level meetings
-      Offsites
-      Board Meetings
-      Christmas dinners etc.
-      … any others where this would be beneficial

We would all receive the notifications when someone accepts or declines (for escalation purposes) and would be able to make changes to invitations as necessary.

Could you let me know how could i do that?
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Jon Doe

Give the one person full access to the calendar, the others can be added as delegates for the meeting invites and accepts. They need to add the mailbox to their outlook clients.
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Can you give more details on step by step on how to do that please?
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can you also detail on how to "They need to add the mailbox to their outlook clients."?
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You can Google 'how to add delegates in Outlook'. Sorry, I'm not much of a URL person. Just here to help, don't care much about points.
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Mallony, the answer you accepted is not the solution to your intended requirement. This is just a team calendar to view others calendars in the group. There will be no ownership or meeting accepts and declines sent to a designated delegate or owner.