drive image xml backup recovery

Hi, I ran a success backup image using drive image xml software.  However, weeks later after using the recovery the client has reported word and excel data don’t open.    Ive attached the error pic for Excel.  Apparently, word is a white screen instead of the composed text.  Any help as to why this happened and how to fix it would  be appreciated.
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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Can you check whether the file which the user is trying to open is encrypted??

You can do so by right click on the file-->Properties-->Advanced-->and if Encrypt option is on check for details like which certificate is used for it..and then you need to get the same certificate for the user in order to open the file...
what sort of recovery was run? if it was a complete re-image including applications then make sure any subsequent updates have been applied.

Is it all files or specific one(s)? Do word/excel open if clicked - without loading a file ? Can the file be opened using File/Open?

Remember that the 'new' formats (.xlsx, .docx) are zipped xml feeds, copy one of the problem files and change the extension to .zip and you should be able to browse the content - does the file open properly as a zipped archive? do all of the branches resolve appropriately.
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
It does the same thing photos too.  I right clicked the excel file, there's no encryption.  I also did a CYA measure using 7zip.   All files restore.  I can read excel, word, and pictures no problem when using 7z to restore files.  It's odd that the drive image xml image, restore failed somehow.  I use it all the time and never seen this.  The size of the file is varies greatly from zip recovery as opposed drive image xml.  Attached the pics sizes below
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those short files look like they are just markers rather than the files themselves could the backup process have been interrupted? are there any logs available
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
I deleted the Drive Image folder a week ago.  :( Fudge!
looks like the backup was corrupt..
do you have copies somewhere?
snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
yes sir.  7zip came through. I live to fight another day.  I can't believe Drive Image XML posed as a successful backup/restore.   I would have been sued like crazy if I didn't run an alternate backup before hand.

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snoopaloopAuthor Commented:
I used 7zip to avoid disaster.
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