Yoga or Surface?

EE Pros,

I was on the phone yesterday with the Lenovo Rep comparing the Lenovo Yoga options and models and a MS surface.  Here is what she suggested;

Do not go with the Yoga Pro because the "M" class Intel Processor is 1/2 the speed and you will not be making up the performance with simply the 256GB SSD.  It's cooler, doesn't require a fan, weighs less but you will not get the performance like you will if you go with the Yoga that has the i5 or i7 chip.  My friend tells me that the i7 burns a hole in his pants because of the heat it gives off.  I haven't asked to see that.

As for the Surface.... nice technology!  My friend loves his surface but complains about an Aspect Ratio issue that apparently MS has not addressed that causes problems with his displays.  

Any thoughts on what might be the best selection?   I presently run a T 430 that has an i5 running 3.6mb@2.8GHz.  The M class is rated, I believe at something less while the i7 is at 4mb@3GHz.  My workload is not CAD but gaming "sometimes".  Photoshop "Yes"; but primarily using it for MS Office functions and Outlook.  Also, I've been told that MS Win. 10 Home does not allow for VPN capabilities and I'd need to consider MS Win. Pro.  True?

Oh finally, a Mac, while it seems "pretty" is not in the cards.  ;-)

Thank you in advance.

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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
I can see having the Home version not working with VPN.  Here's why.  When you use VPN you are typically connecting to a network.  Connecting to a network usually means being part of a domain.  Home editions of any Windows versions cannot connect to a domain.

If I was making a decision and had your choices, I'd go for the Surface.  I7s do give off some heat but that is to be expected when getting that kind of performance out of such a compact device.

And if the Lenovo sales rep is saying to not go with their product and go with the competition.  Well, that screams volumes to me.
Bright01Author Commented:
Actually, she was recommending the Lenovo Yoga 14 inch with an i7 Processor.  

I like the Surface .... I'm assuming you are not telling me to wait for the Surface Pro 4?

My fear about the Yoga Pro is that I don't want to get it and find it has less responsiveness then my T340.  I am of the opinion that the SSD capability will accelerate the performance more then the drawbacks of the M Class.


Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Sorry.  MIs-understood.

Now it just so happens, that last night I was gaming with some of my buddies who work at Microsoft and they said the Surface Pro 4 is INCREDIBLE.

It is supposed to release this year (possibly around October).  If you can wait and have the money I would.

One of the guys last night was showing his Surface Pro3 that he got a sweet deal on.

~ $600.

With the Surface 4 coming out soon, there will be all kinds of deals on the 3.
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Bright01Author Commented:
So what are your thoughts about the Yoga Pro?  With the M Class Intel Processor?

Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
I haven't seen one.  I just know a lot of MS engineers who swear by their Surface Pro.  

I do know that M class processors are going to provide as much horsepower though.

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Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Nice discussion, since Mac is not in the cards, what kind of budget are you thinking about? I've seen a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon i7, very nice indeed. But under full load, you hear the fan, do you want a device with or without a fan?
Bright01Author Commented:
Budget isn't an issue ... but value is.  The X1 is very nice! but it's around $2K for something similar to the Yoga for $999 at Best Buy.  Any feelings on the Yoga vs. the Surface which are comparably priced?

Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
In that case, I'd go for the Lenovo because I don't like the MS keyboard. Also I like the way the Lenovo folds back. But these are non-performance related ;) I'm always trying out before I buy laptop. Hope you can make a choice now.
Bright01Author Commented:
Great discussion. On my way to BB to test them both out.

Thanks again,

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