Win XP system can ping LAN but not WAN

Hello Experts. A friend of mine has an issue with one of his systems. His business has approximately 15 computers connected to the network which is also connected to the internet. All of his systems are Windows 7 or Windows 8. One of his machines runs Windows XP. He recently had Centurylink upgrade his internet speed. All of his systems are fine, except the Windows XP system. The windows XP system is connected via wireless. Most of the systems are cabled, but others are wireless too. On the 'bad' system, It says it is connected to the internet and has a good signal. But if he tries to open IE it crashes. When I got on his system, I tried to ping the local network. That was fine. When I tried to ping outside the network ( it could not find it. I tried other IP's too, same result. We have rebooted the system and the modem. Can someone please suggest how to debug this and then how to fix it? Or I guess, just fixing it would be great.
Brian DumasSenior Software EngineerAsked:
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Well, as you know XP is beyond getting support updates so that system is extremely vulnerable.

You could have an infection.  Try running a MalwareBytes scan and a deep virus scan and see if anything turns up.

Is there a reason to keep this machine on XP and not upgrade to at least Windows 7?  That one machine can be putting the entire network at risk.

If XP is necessary, consider upgrading to Windows 7 then having a virtual machine running XP for any legacy software.
Hi Brian,

Ok, so.... I'm going to assume that the 15 PCs are all connected in the same network, i.e. they are ALL connected into the same hub/switch, which is then connected to the router box?
I don't think the internet speed has anything to do with your problem.  If all the other machines are fine, except the XP one, then I think that your problem is with the XP machine.  I am concerned that your using an XP machine (where the OS isn't supported by Microsoft), and it's connected to the Internet (and it's a business network).
You can ping the default gateway, yes?  When exactly did this problem start?
When you say you've tried other IPs, what other IPs exactly?  I assume you mean other machines on the network?

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Brian DumasSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hello IT-Expert. I can ping the default gateway. What I meant about the other IP's is I tried and None of those would connect. Same thing happens if I put in

Hello ScottCha. I agree with the assessment about WinXP not being supported. I will pass on the suggestion about a Win XP VM.

Thanks, Brian
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Hi Brian,

I agree with ScottCha's comments above.  Definitely something to think about.
Those two IP's that you've just given, what are they for?  I assume is your external ISP IP address?
IE crashing could be a totally unrelated IE problem.  I don't use it personally.
Just out of curiouslty, you could try using a different browser if you can, and see if you can get to the router's configuration page.
Brian DumasSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hello IT-Expert,

The IP addresses that I was ping are really irrelevant. I had looked up on the internet (from my system) for good IP addresses to ping to test a WAN connection.

I'll give a try with another internet browser, but I already can ping the modem.
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
Do You try to do so as suggested ScotChka. If you do not have an external FW must be some infection.

You can try "Complete Internet Repair" tool:
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Have you scanned for virus/malware?  I have run into more than a few computers that were infected that were not able to get to the internet.
Can you please provide an IPconfig/all of the xp machine that is not working and one from a working machine. Can you check to see if you haven't set a manual IP address on the co machine and also double check your DNS addresses.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented: is Google DNS server and I can ping it fine with Windows XP from here.  I would first plug it in wired to eliminate the wireless as the problem.
Brian DumasSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone. It turned out that the system had a different gateway than the modem/router. It now works.
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