How to rebuild the Integration Manager?

Presently the one we have is corrupted and the need to have this fixed is very urgent.
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Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Hi GArneaud,
Woulb a good idea to explain here what You posted on the request for attention, si That all those who Read This page here know more détails about jour problem.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
no points from request for attention:
Yes, correct it relates to GP . Integration Manager is an integration tool used to convert and transfer data from most database formats or desktop applications into Microsoft Dynamics GP
GArneaudAuthor Commented:
Integration is not recognizing general ledger codes.

Once this file is opened in notepad it displays correct information, however when it is opened as Excel the account data changes. It is advised to always open csv file types with notepad only and never with Excel as data can become corrupted.

In addition to this I also noticed that the GL account format still does reflect the account in GP, the dashes in between are missing. You can attempt an upload as Figure 1 below. If Integration Manager does not accept this, then the user will need to edit the file to include the dashes.

Figure 1 - IN NOTEPAD


Figure 2 - IN EXCEL
3312015      1.2001E+14      11424      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.2003E+14      4355.71      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.2001E+14      13884.6      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.20011E+14      6613      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.20011E+14      1217.49      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.2001E+14      2024      STBCASHBOOK
3312015      1.30012E+14      -39518.8      STBCASHBOOK
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
So what do you need help with, to get the excel file to show the proper values? If that's all then simply format the second column as a number column. It is normal for Excel to covert 120010101010000 into 1.2001E+14  if it is using the default general format. Also make sure you remove the decimals places (2) and make it zero.

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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Excel tries to "guess" at what the data types of the data is.  When it sees a large series of numbers, it thinks number.

You can change the way the CSV file is produced and Excel will open it as a string.

This will produce the scientific notation you currently see:

This will produce a string:

If you cannot change the way the file is generated, you need to change the way you open it.  Just don't double click on it.  Open it as a txt file and manually select the way the columns are imported.
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