Bash/ php script

dbdata=`mysql --default-character-set=utf8 -h$MYSQL_HOST -u$MYSQL_USR -p$MYSQL_PWD Cust -e "mysql -h$MYSQL_HOST -u$MYSQL_USR -p$MYSQL_PWD Cust -e "select id from sccsJob where status='Pending' order by id;" | sed "1 d"`

IFS="$( echo -e '\t' )" read -ra jobinfo <<< "$dbdata"

#DOMAIN=$(echo $JOBINFO | awk '{print $1}')
What does  the following mean :
#1 sed "1 d"
#2 IFS="$( echo -e '\t' )" read -ra jobinfo <<< "$dbdata"  .... any special meaning for <<< ?
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Andrej PirmanCommented:
sed replaces "1" with "d" on-the-fly in the string during processing. Read more...

The triple less signs "<<<" is called a heredoc and it lets you do a long piece of text that goes over several lines. You can put php variables in there and they will get replaced with the value. It's most suitable for long texts and variable replacements.
#1 sed "1d"

That just removes the first line of the input and passes the rest on unchanged.

#2 <<<

This is a special input redirection operator available in several shells, including bash that causes the command to take a string as input, as if the string contents were in a file.

I'm not certain the that SAVEIFS operations are needed, since the IFS assignment on the command line should only affect the execution of that command. It also seems that the operation could perhaps have been accomplished with a single pipeline (by extending the pipeline after the sed - but that may just be an aesthetic preference.

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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Sorry for wrong sed explanation. I was not sure about the exact syntax, so I looked over it too quickly.
sed '1d' as JMCG told, removes the first line and prints out the rest.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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