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Outlook 2013: Rule causes duplicate emails

I created a rule that moves to the Inbox a copy of each email I send.  The rule specifies email sent through a specific email account that I use, but it makes two copies of each email I send.  I have a second email account configured in Outlook, but I don't see why I would get two copies of each message I send when I configured the rule to make copies only for messages sent through my main account.

I've found nothing on the Internet that describes this particular issue.

Thanks so much.
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Can you post the rule on here so we can see? You can use Paint to black out any account-specific stuff just so we can see the workflow for the rule.
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Apply this rule after I send the message
through the XXX account
and on this computer only
move a copy to the Inbox folder
and stop processing more rules
When you say you get two copies of each message, are both showing up in your Inbox?
Yes, one right after the other immediately after I hit Send.  I have a second email account in Outlook, but I've indicated one specific account  for the rule to apply to.
If you send an email to yourself from the main account, what happens? I also have two account in my Outlook and I set up the exact same rule and only got one copy. Are you sure you're not also CC'ing yourself on messages?

Another thing to try is make a subfolder under Inbox and set the rule to move stuff there. See if it also does duplicates.
Thanks for trying to help.  If I sent a message to myself, I get two copies in my Inbox from the rule.  I'm not sure how to CC myself aside from creating a rule.

I tried the subfolder idea and got two copies in the subfolder.

I recreated the rule and the problem persists.
How is Outlook connecting to your email? Is it an Exchange server or are you using POP/IMAP?
It's an Exchange server.  I deleted the rule again and created one that CCs me (rather than moving a copy to my Inbox) and I get one copy of the message, but the CC line has my email address listed twice.  Pretty strange.
I wonder if your own address listing is corrupted in the contacts. Try this:

1. Create a new email
2. Enter your own address (it should autofill after you start typing)
3. Double click your underlined name in the TO field
4. Where it says Send Email, is there only one email address there?
5. Click Edit in the upper right corner and see if more than one address is listed.

If everything looks OK there, try this:

Repeat steps 1 and 2.
3. As it starts to autofill your name, you should see an X out to the end of the address. Click the X to delete it from the autofill list
4. Send yourself an email again and you should have to type out your whole address
5. Try running the rules again
Tried both and to the same two copies.
I set the rule back up on my own account and did notice one odd thing - I sent it to go to a different folder and the rule sent the copy to the folder a few seconds before it appeared in my actual Inbox. Could be something to do with the size of the mailbox.

I don't know what else to try, other than ditch the rule and just go look in your Sent Items folder to see what all you've sent. Sorry!
I really appreciate all the time you've spent trying to help me. I've reached the same conclusion.  For now, I'll just keep deleting the second copy I get in my Inbox.

Thanks again.
Problem not resolved.  I have similar problem with multiple duplicate emails in Outlook 2007 POP3.   Part of the problem seems to be "moving" to another folder is really "copying" to another folder.
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Not a solution. Just need to close the question.