Random number generation (what's missing?)

I have tried a simple example straight off the Microsoft website Link in order to try to figure this out, but it won't compile for me.  I just want to create a uniformly distributed random number (long long).   I think I may be missing something, but I have no idea what.  

#include <random>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
using namespacestd::tr1;
//typedef std::tr1::random_device rd;

int main()
    random_device rd;   // non-deterministic generator
    mt19937 gen(rd());  // to seed mersenne twister.
    uniform_int_distribution<> dist(1,6); // distribute results between 1 and 6 inclusive.

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {
        cout << dist(gen) << " "; // pass the generator to the distribution.
    cout << endl;

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Here are the errors I am getting.
Compile errors
I would appreciate any insight.  I am using VS2008 w/SP1.

Elena QuinnAsked:
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If you download a later version of VS, the program will run as a C++11 program.
Just remove the line:
using namespacestd::tr1;

Here's where you can download VS Express:

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Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:

Does that mean it doesn't work in 2008 with SP1?  When initially researching this on the Microsoft site, the <random> included 2008.  But then I read on another question somewhere that I had to install SP1.  So I did that.

I kinda need it to work with 2008, unfortunately.  The developers I am working with are only using that.  Tried to get them to switch to 2013, but no go.

Elena QuinnAuthor Commented:
BTW, I did try rand() with not much success.  The distribution is not uniform at all.  See the pic of a distribution of 1000 tries.  Distribution using rand()
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In what way did you try rand(), and how did results between 1 and 6 inclusive produce that histogram?
I don't have VS 2008, but I looked up items in MSDN. <random> is defined in VS 2008, but your error indicates that uniform_int_distribution is an undeclared identifier. This identifier in <random> was included in C++11:

uniform_int_distribution is defined here in VS 2015:
and here in VS 2013:
but not in VS 2010;
and not here in VS 2008:
Prior to C++11, there was TR1 which I now read can be included in VS 2008 by installing a Feature Pack. I don't believe that SP1 and Feature Pack are the same things. Let me know whether you downloaded the Feature Pack from here:

Possibly give that a try. I am not sure whether you will have problems in VS 2008 getting the correct <random>, but one step at a time. Possibly the Feature Pack installation overwrites the <random>.
If you already did install the Feature Pack and it doesn't work, then you can install boost libraries from here:

As you can see from this library list, Random is included in boost, and it says: Standard ... TR1.

The uniform_int_distribution class header file is defined here:

You wrote that you read that you had to install SP1. Possibly that was just to get the <random> feature, but appears not to include the uniform_int_distribution class.
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