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Printer redirection doesn't work in citrix xenapp, why?

This is the newly-setup Citrix Xenapp 6.5 server. During the setup, roles chosen to install include, Xenapp, License server, web interface. After that, few applications were published and users can access them without problem. However, users told me that they seems not seeing their printers when they attempt to print, why? How to solve it?

thanks in advance.
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I meant using the website, open the application, and can't see user's own printers.

However, I can rdp to the citrix server, and see my printers in "devices and printers". Printer redirection is working fine.

This citrix server do not use ICA client.
Check xenapp printers policy
Hi Temody,

From appcenter or ad gpo management?
From xenapp center policy
Ok, check it out.
please follow
H Temody,

From appcenter, saw those printing settings, but, those settings are mean for "ICA". By default, those are enabled and still printer not available in "published application".
OK trying to establish remote desktop for any user and from that user open Device and printer to see what's going on
See all the local and network printers.
first try to print any test page from remote
second - so the users should be see all the printer you found on the remote
now the issue may be in the default printer
try now to access any published application and print to verify which default printer is
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By ensuring the Citrix Print Manager service is up and running, printer redirection works without problem