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Hi Experts, what would be the best software to use to fight spam email from a client side and server side. Thanks (sorry if the wording of the question is ambiguous)
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If you use a Hosted Exchange or like service, they should filter for spam.
If you use your own Exchange that you manage, you could use something like the Barracuda spam filter. You did need something on top of Exchange.
If you are receiving email in a non-Exchange environment, you need a mail service that provides spam filtering like I use

There are many, many ways to filter spam and no one solution fits all. The only thing I do not recommend is rolling your own because the problem has largely been solved commercially.
Exchange Experts
I would recommend Barracuda spam Firewall OR CISCO IRON PORT device for spam filtering.

Please refer following open source e-mail filter

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server






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