I 'm having a hard time selling my bike in great condition.

I went on several websites online like Gumtree, Craigslist or Buscat, etc .. in hopes to sell my bike which I don't need anymore since I've got a brand new car. It's a bike in great condition . I live in Andorra, Europe and the last detailed ad for my bike is on the following classified ads website link : http://www.europegiant.com/free-classified-ads/2658/bici-cannondale/

Is  there any other great spanish site servicing Andorra or Spain where I may be able to sell my items locally and quickly ? Craigslist seems to work more in the US and not Europe.

Thanks much :-) (Muchas Gracias!!!)
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Ebay should be available in most countries. Just don't start with a high price, but rather start low. If it is worth it and you have good photo's The bidders should come automatically the price should rise.

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These two sites will help sell your bike fast.

Motorcycle Classifieds

Motorcycle Supermarket

As mentioned above ebay may be worth a try.
I'd be careful on Ebay. We have feedback over 1500 as a seller. We see many sellers who start the bidding at 99 cents and assume the bidders will take it higher. That is not always true. We bought a printer from a seller who was at $7.99 and free shipping. No you can not ship a printer for free. The cost is based on weight and size. We got the printer for $7.99 and it worked great but the seller took a huge loss. We got a new pair of pants for 99 cents and $4.99 shipping. The seller was so upset at selling for only 99 cents that they falsified the weight and only paid shipping on 3 ounces not the entire weight of over one pound. So these attempts to get a bidding war on your item may not work at all and backfire.

When evaluating Ebay as a possibility you need to know that the Ebay fee is 10% of the total and Paypal which you must offer to your buyers is 30 cents + 2.9% of the total. As an example, your bike sells for $100. Ebay gets $10 and Paypal gets $3.20 or a total of $13.20 or 13.2% of the total where the total is the price the item sold at plus the shipping you charged. This is a new feature as of a couple or three years ago. Back then you were not charged 10% fee on the shipping cost. This was changed because people were selling items for 99 cents and $20 shipping and Ebay was only getting a fee on the 99 cents. We once bought a call phone car charger for 1 cent + 4.99 shipping. That is exactly the same at $5.00 and free shipping. But, in one case Ebay got 10% of the $5.00 and in the other case they only got 10% of the penny. Ebay put a stop to that.

I'll have more to tell you about Ebay as well as Craigslist later today or tomorrow. We sell on both sites and can offer advice.
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You would not list a bike on Ebay motors.
You would list in the cycling category.

Here is a link to 3 that sold and the locations were Italy.


One seller, the one that got $786.00 had to charge 99 Euros for shipping. We can no longer see a buyers location unless they also are a seller. So no telling where the buyer was. Maybe Italy maybe Canada.
You need to weigh your bike and determine the size of the box needed. Then contact UPS and FedEx to see what it will cost you to ship the bike to your buyer, whether they are near you or located in a nearby country or if you are able to afford to sell to someone in the USA.

If you use Ebay you can list it as "local pickup" only, which means the buyer would come to you. This would restrict your audience to those close enough to you to come get a $750-$850 bike. But it eliminate all the "problems" that can arise from shipping a large item like a bike.

As far as Craigslist we use it alot. There is one in France and your area. List free even though Ebay owns 28% of Craigslist.
Again this would be a way to reach people near you within maybe 100 miles and willing to come to you to see the bike, like it, and buy it.
I thought bike as in motor bike... seems your bike is a bicycle. :)

No way someone out of your area is gonna pay transportation to see it and then pay for it to be freighted back to them.
List it in your local newspaper and magazines classified sections, also find any bicycle clubs and shops that are willing to let you put up a For Sale poster on their notice board.
Also post your bicycle on these sites:

RCUK Classifieds

Cycling Weekly Classifieds

Classified cycling ads
Local pickup only and local Craigslist or Craigslist in cities within 100 or so miles of you can easily work.
We sold a couple antique rocking chairs to someone who lived in Virginia and we are in South Carolina. They drove over 134 miles. These chairs were small than your bike. We gave away some scrap wood and a guy drove over 75 miles to get it. He brought his truck and trailer. There are very feasible ways for someone to come to you and get the bike. No they won't ride it home but there are SUV that will hold it, van, enclosed open trailer, etc. And local sale might be your best since the shipping cost is going to be high. Calculate shipping cost and then evaluate. Local newspaper is another way though Ebay would only cost you 12.20% in Ebay and Paypal fees and Craigslist cost you nothing.

Here is a site for selling bikes in France.

And Alibaba sells in Spain.
When I buy something via an auction site, I always make sure that the seller lives close enough to me so I can either pick it up by foot, Bicycle or short distance Bus and Train so I don't need to pay extra for mailing and packaging, and also that it is payable in cash. Sellers should usually publish that it should be picked up to make things clear.
If you want to sell your bike (goods) in Europe, then you will have success if you post the advertising in the local language of the country where you post the message. It does not work always good with English only. If you want in Spanish language then choose the Spanish speaking countries.
I can tell you from my point of view in Germany. You should post in german language, even if it is translated stupid with Google Translate. There is of course ebay.de, but people use  a lot the branch of it, free as Craigslist, named http://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/ . You have to open a free account, but people would like to see it in reality before they pay, because only ebay. de and amazon.de offer guarantee for the buyer. It is the same with another site http://www.quoka.de/ where you can buy/sell, but there is no warranty, the site offers only space for transaction/advertising, so it is hard to sell it from another country as long as there is no warranty for the buyer who suppose to send the money before the goods arrive.
There are many websites in german language which offer what you need, but most of them require that you have a local address in Germany.
Just give it a try, some of them may have the chance to revert the language in English or use Google Translate:
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