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StringGrid scrollbars not visible with DefaultDrawing set to false

I am writing a Windows 32 application that uses a VCL StringGrid component using Embarcadero C++ Builder XE2.
I have set the StringGrid component DefaultDrawing property to false and the string grid is displaying its data using code placed in the OnDrawCell event handler.
For conditions when the number of rows in the string grid exceed the available space in the screen grid, I need to use a vertical scroll bar to allow navigation to "off screen" data rows. I have set the ScrollBars property in the StringGrid to ssVertical but no scroll bar appears and "off screen" data cannot be viewed.
How do I get vertical scroll bars in this situation, bearing in mind that I am using C++ Builder ?
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Very useful information.
In fact the problem turned out to be one of my own making; in my code I had set the Grid height according to the required number of rows and therefore the vertical scroll bar was not showing.
Thanks for your comment,